Student Profiles

Student Spotlight: Sade Stokes, MBA Candidate 2016

  UIC Liautaud Student Profile   Name: Sade L. Stokes Email Address:              Program: Master of Business Administration Concentration(s): Marketing Full-time/Part-time Student:  Part-time Industry/Field of work: Human Resources / Public Affairs Class of: 2016 Undergraduate degree in:  Finance         Undergraduate School:  University of Illinois at Chicago Organizations involved with: Graduate Marketing Association What prompted you to return to school to achieve your... read more

Student Spotlight: Shilpa Mohanty, MBA Candidate 2016

SHILPA MOHANTY Email Address: / Program:  MBA Concentration(s):  Marketing and MIS Full-time/Part-time Student: Full Time Industry/Field of work: Marketing and Advertising Class of: 2016 Undergraduate degree in: IT & Computer Science Undergraduate School: Silicon Institute of Technology, India Career Goal: My career goal is to leverage my interdisciplinary experience in MBA curriculum, non-profit marketing management, business analysis, IT processes, and... read more

Student Spotlight: Matthew Medinger, MBA Candidate 2015

  Matthew Medinger Part-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s): Finance Field of Work: Finance Undergraduate Degree: Finance Undergraduate School: Governor’s State University Career Goal: Corporate lending/negotiations or starting my own real estate investment company Organizations Involved With: MBAA   Interests/Hobbies: Real Estate Investing, Running, Mountain Biking, Building Race Cars, Racing Cars and Motorcycles, and Playing Guitar Favorite Chicago Activities: Boating on the Chicago... read more

Student Spotlight: Deepthi Jayachandran, MS-MIS Candidate 2015

Deepthi Jayachandran Full-time MS-MIS 2015 Field of Work: Data analytics Undergraduate Degree: MS in Software Engineering. (5 year integrated program) Undergraduate School: PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu India Career Goal: Want to work as a Business Analyst in one of the big 4 companies Organizations Involved With: INFORMS (Treasurer)                                       Internships: eBay, Chennai India.  Mu Sigma Business Solutions, Bangalore India Favorite Chicago Activities/ Places: I... read more

Student Spotlight: Kiley Peters, MBA Candidate 2015

Kiley Peters Weekend - MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s): Marketing and  Management Information Systems Industry: Entertainment and Digital Marketing Undergraduate Degree: Advertising, Broadcast and Electronic Communications, and Marketing Undergraduate School: Marquette University Career Goal: Continued growth in leadership, digital marketing and consulting. Organizations Involved With: Marquette Alumni Association, GMARK, MBAA                                            Interests/Hobbies:... read more

Student Spotlight: Ariana Taylor, MBA Candidate 2015

 Ariana M. Taylor         Full-time MBA Candidate 2015  Concentration(s):  Marketing and Finance Undergraduate Degree: English Studies     Undergraduate School: Illinois State University Career Goal: Obtain a position that fully utilizes my marketing and managerial skills Organizations involved with: UIC GMARK (President), UIC MBA Association, National Black MBA Association, UIC Liautaud Student Ambassador Internships: American Red Cross Communications Intern, Discovery Communications Social... read more

The Internship Experience: Parin Chopda, MS-MIS Candidate 2015 - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Parin Chopda Full-time MS-MIS 2015 Industry: Information Technology Undergraduate Degree In: Bachelors of Technology (Computer Science) Undergraduate School: Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University (Pune, India) Career Goal: To work as an Information Systems professional leveraging my technical knowledge and business analysis skills acquired through MIS curriculum, course projects and previous work experience.        How did you find your internship? I applied on... read more

Student Spotlight: Michelle Plasz, MBA Candidate 2015

   Michelle Plasz Part-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration: IDS Field of work: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Degree In: Communications Undergraduate School: DePaul University Career Goal: Supply Chain/ Procurement Organizations Involved With: Liautaud Women’s Network, MBAA     Interests/Hobbies:  I used to cook professionally and now enjoy entertaining friends and family often.  Before going back to school, I used to read and knit.  During football season, you will find... read more

The Internship Experience: Subramani Ramkumar, MIS Candidate 2014, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

  Subramani Ramkumar Full-time MS-MIS Candidate 2014 Field of Work: Healthcare IT Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate School: New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore, India Career Goal: To be an entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare IT.                                   How did you find your internship? I applied to the position listing on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association career portal. In a couple of weeks, I got a call from the HR associate asking... read more

Student Spotlight: Danielle Seger, MBA/MSF Candidate 2015

Danielle Seger               Full-time MBA/MSF Candidate 2015 Concentration: Finance  Field of Work: Investment Management Undergraduate Degree In: Economics & Spanish Undergraduate School: Lafayette College Career Goal: Buy-side investment finance Organizations Involved With: Illinois Ventures and UIC Liautaud's Women Network       Interests/Hobbies: Distance running, reading, and alternative rock Internships: Illinois Ventures Favorite Chicago Activities/ Places: 2nd Friday’s @ The Fine Arts... read more

Student Spotlight: Phyllis Lin, MBA Candidate 2015

    Phyllis Lin              Part-time MBA Candidate 2015 Field of work: Pharmacy            Graduate degree: PharmD from University of Illinois Career Goal: To work in pharmacy managed care or the pharmaceutical industry What prompted you to return to school to achieve your master’s degree? In pharmacy school we had limited exposure to business education, especially when compared to the sciences and our clinical training. Having worked in several pharmacies, it has become clear to me how... read more

Student Spotlight: Rogelio Rangel, MBA Candidate 2015

Rogelio Rangel Weekend - MBA Candidate 2015 Concentrations: Finance / Management Industry: Financial Services Undergraduate Degree In: Industrial and Systems Engineering Undergraduate School: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education Career Goal: Continued growth in the financial field Interests/Hobbies: Watching sports and going to concerts Internships: American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, Landstar Favorite Chicago Restaurant: Portillo’s Favorite Part of the Day: Relaxing after... read more

Student Spotlight: Diana Sanchez, MSA Candidate 2014

  Diana Sanchez Full-time MSA Candidate 2014 Industry/Field of work: Accounting-Auditing Undergraduate degree in: Accounting & Management Information Systems Undergraduate School: University of Illinois at Chicago Career Goal: To become the leading partner at my company Organizations involved with: Accounting Club   Interests/Hobbies: Fishing, swimming, exploring in the woods, exercising and body building, participating in marathons, running with my dogs, shopping, watching movies, and cooking... read more

Student Spotlight: Abe Berkley-Vigil, MBA Candidate 2014

Abe Berkley-Vigil Full-time MBA Candidate 2014 Concentration:  Finance Undergraduate degree: Economics, History Undergraduate School: University of Wisconsin Career Goal: Doing what I love Organizations involved with: GFIN     Tell us about your personal and professional background. I am a second year MBA student with a concentration in Finance. I have worked in the restaurant industry as a server, and also worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group as a runner for a summer. This... read more

Student Spotlight: Swati Iyer, MIS Candidate 2014

    Swati Iyer Full-time MIS Candidate 2014   Industry/Field of work: Advisory Services Risk Practice   Undergraduate Degree: Computer Engineering    Undergraduate School: Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai University   Organizations involved with: ISACA, INFORMS     Tell us about your personal and professional background. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, and I decided to immediately pursue my master's degree in MIS after graduation. Studying in a... read more

Student Spotlight: Christina Wright, MBA Candidate 2015

Christina Wright Full-time MBA Candidate 2015, Finance and Accounting Undergraduate Degree: International Affairs with a minor in Economics Undergraduate School: Northeastern University Organizations involved with: MBAA, GFIN, Dean Advisory Council     Tell us about your professional background and why you decided to return to school to achieve your master’s degree. After earning my BA in International Affairs with a minor in Economics, I started my professional career in Nonprofit Marketing and... read more

Student Spotlight: Megan Wright Drumm, MBA Candidate 2016

Megan Wright Drumm Part-time MBA Candidate 2016, Management   Industry/Field of work: Nonprofit Management   Undergraduate degree: Communication Arts and French (majors); Business Administration (minor)   Undergraduate School: University of Wisconsin-Madison   Organizations involved with: InKIND       What prompted you to return to school to achieve your master’s degree?   I minored in Business Administration as an undergraduate student and really enjoyed the experience. The education that I... read more

UIC Science & Technology Fellow at IllinoisVENTURES

          Philippe Kirschey         Full-time MBA Candidate 2015, Entrepreneurship and Management         Undergraduate Degree: Mechanical Engineering         Undergraduate School: Bergische University of Wuppertal, Germany           Career goal: President of CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH           Organizations involved with: MBAA, Innovation Incubator                                      UIC Liautaud recently partnered with UIC’s Office of Technology Management and IllinoisVENTURES to offer... read more

Student Spotlight: Jasmin Aßmann, MBA Candidate 2015

      Jasmin Aßmann           Full-time MBA Candidate 2015, Finance and International Business Undergraduate Degree: Media Studies Undergraduate School: University of Potsdam, Universidade de Vigo Organizations involved with: MBAA and Innovation Incubator     What prompted you to return to school to achieve your MBA? While finishing my undergraduate degree, I was constantly working and did several full-time internships. Through these experiences in the business world, it became apparent to me... read more

Student Spotlight: Xuan Li, MSA Candidate 2014

                                 Xuan Li                       Full-Time MSA Candidate                 Undergraduate Degree: Accounting                 Undergraduate School: Renmin University of China                 Career Goal: Financial statement auditing/Tax                                What prompted you to return to school to achieve your master’s degree? A master’s degree in accounting is more career-oriented, which in my opinion not only offers me the academic skills that I would need... read more