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Overview of the HIRE UIC Business Career Fairs (Fall 2023)

As we wrap up the year,  let’s look back at noteworthy moments — the HIRE UIC Business Career Fairs. This semester, the campus played host to employers from in and around Chicago, offering internships, part-time, and full-time positions across diverse fields. From Accounting and Finance to Marketing and Sales, Property Management and Real Estate, Supply Chain and Managerial Logistics, Human Resources, Business Analytics, and Information Management, the opportunities were as varied as the talents of UIC Business students.

Overview of the HIRE UIC Business Career Fairs (Fall 2023)

Among the employers participating in career fairs is TransUnion, a corporate partner of UIC Business. Nancy Martinez, Campus Program Manager at TransUnion, stated: “Participating at the UIC Business Career Fair is always a great time to connect with students. Their energy and passion are contagious! It’s these moments that remind me why I love what I do – connecting with the next generation of talent and being a part of their journey. Can’t wait to see where their career journey takes them.”

A career fair serves as an invaluable platform for students to explore potential career paths, establish connections with industry professionals, and gain critical insights into the job market. The direct engagement with employers and the opportunity to showcase professional presence contributes significantly to students’ professional development. A strategic approach to the fair is key to making the most of this experience.

Before attending a fair, conduct general research to identify participating employers. The list is typically available on Handshake @ Illinois, where career fair details are published. Ensure that your resume is tailored with the most relevant information and experiences. Depending on your job search focus, consider having multiple versions of your resume. For effective networking, create a concise “pitch” – a 1-minute presentation encompassing your career goals, core strengths, relevant experiences, and professional expectations. In order to establish more meaningful relationships, follow up with employers after the event individually.

For upcoming career fair dates, refer to the Business Career Center website. Additionally, schedule an appointment with a Career Coach, who can provide tailored guidance. During registration, specify your career development interests, whether it’s a resume review or general career planning.