Student Organizations

OMG to Special Events with Professionals from Grainger and Deloitte

On behalf of the OMG board: Taylor Lay, Joseph Russell, Aditya Deep Rai, and Yogesh Kumar, welcome you to the new semester! The Operations Management Group (OMG) is an organization for students interested in enhancing their supply chain education and networking opportunities. OMG prepares students for career advancement in operations management by helping them develop relationships with fellow scholars, alumni, and practitioners. In the past, we have hosted case study discussions, networking... read more

Building Fearless Leaders: UWN Celebrates Women in Business

The United Women’s Network held their 7th Annual Women in Business Conference in acknowledgement of International Women’s Day. The two-day event boasted many significant firsts and was a big success. The first UWN conference to go virtual, it lived up to its in-person impact with an amazing lineup of speakers and activities. Intricate discussion and planning led to the creation of a live speaker event and an innovation challenge. The ‘Next Millennium Innovation Challenge’ was a chance for... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: SHRM at UIC

The Society of Human Resource Management is the world’s largest HR-based society with over 300,000 members across 165 countries. SHRM believes in the power of a better workplace supporting career growth for professionals. SHRM at UIC empowers students to experience the real world and access HR professionals impacting millions of employees across the globe. SHRM members also gain knowledge about effective human resource management strategies. Learn about SHRM at UIC from Gabriella Llines, SHRM... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: ALPFA

ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) was the first national Latino professional association in the US, established in 1972. The 47-year old association has empowered numerous Latino men and women with skills to succeed in the world of business. ALPFA serves more than 95,000 professionals and students across the US. Members have access to a network of companies that are looking to hire and develop talent in the Latin community. ALPFA at UIC continues to grow as one of the... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Improv Club

What is improv? Why is it so important? Improv is for anyone and everyone. Improv is all about learning how to accept the circumstances, learning from your mistakes and building on new opportunities. Improv is the art of improvisation. Improvisation helps people think quickly, act faster and communicate better. The Improv Club at UIC empowers students with this unique ability to be spontaneous, build friendships with new people, and share plenty of good laughs. The organization helps students... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Portfolio Management Team (PMT)

The Portfolio Management Team at UIC Business is one of the leading student organizations that educates students about the fundamentals of investing in the stock market. PMT helps students manage diverse investment portfolios across five different sectors: consumer packaged goods, healthcare, financial services, technology and options. We caught up with Faris Surkovic, PMT president and senior finance major, to learn about the impact of changing times on PMT’s journey and to know about his... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the official international business honor society for most business schools. Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) members are top performing students who typically end up in leadership roles across diverse sectors such as- non-profit, government, corporate and academic institutions. BGS provides lifetime value with a promise to bring opportunities, connections to all the members. Beta Gamma Sigma at UIC, established in 1973, continues to uphold the meaning of Beta Gamma Sigma: honor,... read more

UWN’s New Rebrand and Name Change to United Women’s Network

The formerly known Undergraduate Women’s Network has officially been renamed to United Women’s Network. UWN is expanding to create an inclusive membership open to undergraduate and graduate students seeking the opportunities that UWN creates on the UIC Campus.The United Women’s Network has seen immense growth and engagement as a business student organization that focuses on women’s empowerment and professional development for students across UIC, especially since rebranding in recent years.  In... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Learn About the Incredible Journey of Net Impact at UIC amidst the Pandemic

The year 2020 did not exactly turn out the way we all hoped it would and with all the uncertainty everywhere, the act of “doing good” always goes a long way. Net Impact at UIC believes in creating leaders who want to do good work that creates a positive impact on the world. They believe in tackling bigger issues like reimagining capitalism by encouraging conversations that dig deeper into the role of businesses in making the world a better place. We got the opportunity to learn about the efforts... read more

AMA Places Third in the Sherwin-Williams Marketing Design Competition

Last fall, the UIC American Marketing Association (AMA) competed in the Sherwin-Williams Marketing Design Competition at the University of Whitewater AMA Regional Conference. The competition involved creating a marketing communication post intended to attract job seekers to career opportunities at Sherwin-Williams. A total of 35 teams competed, and UIC finished in the top three! The winning team consisted of members Iwona Goscinski, Purivsh Patel, and Karla Ramirez. Below is an overview of the... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Flames Consulting Group (FCG)

For the past year, UIC Business students have been working together to expose the student body to the world of consulting. So far, FCG Consulting has brought in professionals from companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Roland Berger, and McKinsey to speak with students about how to make a great career in consulting. Members had the opportunity to work on a case and present it to professionals at Accenture, an experience with lessons that go beyond UIC Business. FCG Consulting has only been at UIC... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: American Marketing Association

In light of a new academic year, UIC Business is excited to continue the tradition of highlighting organizations that enhance the quality of students' lives. The American Marketing Association (AMA) makes a strong effort to do so. "We believe that marketing is more than just a major or a career path, marketing is a skill that everyone should have." AMA holds these words true, and is proud to see members secure employment at companies like Bosch, Leo Burnett, P&G, Starcom and many others. Anela... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Undergraduate Women’s Network

At UIC Business, March always begins with celebrating the success of women in business at the annual conference hosted by the  Undergraduate Women’s Network (UWN). The UWN team has been instrumental in sharing success stories to inspire women to continue their journey to the top of the corporate ladder. Their efforts have made women more inspired, motivated and empowered to succeed. As they start to make the road map for the coming semester, we catch up with Akanksha Chaudhari (President, UWN... read more

UIC Business AMA Visits Facebook Chicago HQ

Our organization, the American Marketing Association - UIC Chapter, organizes site visits every semester for our members. We believe site visits are great opportunities for students to gain insight into how a company operates and what the culture is like. Additionally, students are able to network with recruiters and professionals at the companies, potentially leading to internship or job opportunities. This spring 2020 semester, thanks to a connection within the company, a group of members from... read more

Student Organization Spotlight: Net Impact

With 2020 in full swing, we remember all the good things that happened last year. One of the biggest achievements for us at UIC Business was our student organization - Net Impact UIC being awarded the Gold Chapter Standing. The Net Impact team led by Bryan Thomas and Natalie Sheneman have done some tremendous work over the past year contributing to the well being of the society. Their efforts have made a positive impact on the society as a whole leading them to be immensely successful as a... read more

September was only the Beginning for the Flames Consulting Group

This past month, Flames Consulting Group has hosted multiple events introducing UIC students to the world of consulting. Early on in September, FCG executive members started to develop curriculum for workshops and establish a better membership hierarchy. Membership sign-ups are open to all UIC undergraduate and graduate students of any majors or disciplines. One of the main benefits of becoming an FCG member is the access to case studies. Earlier this month, FCG partnered with the Undergraduate... read more

We are fAMAly

We at the American Marketing Association (AMA) at the University of Illinois at Chicago are more than just another student organization. We are a community of very hardworking and passionate curious students that love to learn about the business world while also building meaningful connections with one another. That is exactly what makes us a fAMAly. Karen Flores, AMAgency Co-Coordinator, said, “This organization I hold close to my heart. AMA has made me grow as a professional.” When asked how... read more

UIC Business Scholars Win First Place in MLA-Target Case Competition

Management Leadership Association (MLA) is a pre-professional and philanthropic organization based at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Every year, MLA hosts the MLA-Target Case Competition, a fun and educational event that provides opportunities to improve teamwork, presentation, and leadership skills in a real boardroom setting. Each three-person team prepares a 20-minute presentation with their solution to a unique management case study. They then present their recommendations to a panel... read more

AMA UIC Wins Big in the Big Easy

On April 11th, 2019 The American Marketing Association (AMA) Chapter of the University of Illinois at Chicago had the opportunity to attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference. This conference of over 1,600 students is held every spring in New Orleans, Louisiana. During our time at the conference our members participated in the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, workshops, panels and guest speaker events. We had the opportunity to network with other collegiate chapters from across the country.... read more

American Marketing Association at University of Illinois at Chicago Visits PepsiCo

Zainub Ghias is a fourth-year UIC Business Ambassador pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Business Analytics minor. In the summer of 2018, Zainub was a Business and Entrepreneurship intern at the Golden Corridor Makerspace and William Rainey Harper College. She currently works as a Communication Aide with the Physics Department and General Office Aide with Biology Department at UIC. She also serves as the Secretary of the American Marketing Association and Vice Chair of Marketing... read more