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Quinn Basta: A Leader Committed to Student Engagement and Success

Quinn participating in the regional science fair during his freshman year of high school, where he studied geodesic domes.

Quinn Basta, a junior majoring in finance at UIC, exemplifies the balance between academic excellence and active campus involvement, demonstrating true leadership in every aspect of university life. As he prepares to enter his senior year, Quinn reflects on his extensive involvement in various student organizations and his commitment to making a lasting impact on campus.

Quinn’s passion for leadership and business began in his early years. Despite coming from a family of artists with no business background, Quinn began showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit as a child by selling lemonade and creating inventions. This early interest in finance and business eventually led him to UIC Business, where he has thrived in an environment that supports his ambitions.

In his freshman year, Quinn joined the Portfolio Management Team (PMT) and quickly took on a leadership role as a sector leader, responsible for creating presentations for weekly meetings. Recognizing the organization’s potential, Quinn worked diligently to revitalize PMT, which had been weakened by the pandemic and a lack of member engagement. Over the years, he progressed from sector leader to vice president and eventually president. Under his leadership, PMT became a vibrant community where students could learn about the stock market, network with alumni, and build meaningful relationships. One of the highlights of his tenure was organizing alumni nights, which brought former members back to campus and strengthened the bond between current students and alumni.

Quinn giving a presentation to PMT

In addition to his role in PMT, Quinn has been a pivotal figure in the Undergraduate Student Government, serving as chief of staff. His dedication to student governance and advocacy ultimately led him to run for the position of student trustee, representing UIC on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees*. The election process was intense, requiring Quinn to run a promotion campaign and collect as many endorsements from fellow students as possible. He campaigned with a slate named Impact UIC alongside candidates for student government president, vice president, representative, and student senator. Their campaign focused on key initiatives such as campus safety improvements, including the implementation of a digital iCard system, and reopening the campus bowling alley. Quinn’s efforts paid off, and he was elected as the student trustee for UIC.

As student trustee, Quinn attends Board of Trustees meetings, collaborates with university administrators, including President Tim Killeen and UIC Chancellor Marie Lynn Miranda, and works on initiatives that address student concerns and enhance their university experience.

This is a photo of Quinn with Impact UIC President and Vice President candidates, Asa and Dilay.

Beyond that, Quinn is also part of the Business Student Advisory Board (BSAB). This organization serves as a channel of communication between students and administration, allowing students to voice their concerns and ideas directly to the dean of the College of Business. Quinn’s vision for BSAB includes building a strong organizational structure, connecting business student leaders, and mentoring future leaders to ensure the board’s long-term success.

Balancing his academic commitments with his extensive involvement in university life, Quinn maintains a 3.5 GPA and carefully manages his time to ensure he can contribute effectively to his various roles. Despite the demanding nature of his commitments, Quinn finds fulfillment and motivation in his work, viewing it as preparation for his future career in business and leadership.

Quinn is enrolled in the Business Scholars program, which offers smaller, practice-focused classes and networking opportunities with professionals and alumni.

“I always feel the strong sense of community we have by sticking to our cohort. The program’s academic advising always supports my interests, and I always know that they are there for me. Every Thursday, we have a session where Mayra Sanchez, the lead academic advisor for business scholars, brings in professionals or alumni to speak to us. This gives us a chance to network with professionals and our peers. I have also benefited a lot from the scholarship I received, which has helped me manage the financial aspects of my education,” shared Quinn.

Looking ahead, Quinn plans to explore various business ventures, potentially in real estate, and is committed to using his skills and experiences to make a difference in the world.

Quinn Basta’s story is a testament to the power of leadership, dedication, and the drive to make a difference. We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the coming year.