Business Scholars

UIC Alumni Bring Lessons on Success to Campus

The last couple of weeks have been busy at Alumni 4 U, a UIC Business program that connects UIC alumni to current UIC Business students for knowledge-sharing exchanges in a one-on-one setting.  Juan Hernandez Trigueros, a Business Scholar within UIC Business, had the opportunity to meet with Eamonn McDonagh, MSA ’04, who currently works in internal auditing and compliance at United Airlines.  “We talked a lot about the challenges that are unique to different accounting roles,” says... read more

Celebrating 50 Years of UIC Business

On Friday September 25, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my very last Celebrating UIC Business dinner. This definitely was a bittersweet moment for me because it was my third and final year of attending the dinner as a student of the College of Business Administration. This year marked the 50th Anniversary of the college, and in its 50-year lifespan, the college has thrived to become a top-ranked business school with an international reputation.          . On this night, donors had the... read more

A Gradual Rise to the Top: Advice from Alum Michael Fung

On Friday, September 18, UIC Business Scholars had the privilege of meeting with UIC Business alumnus Michael Fung, BS ’73, who spent a morning with the scholars discussing his experiences across over 25 years of accounting work, including CFO roles at Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart, among many other positions. Fung wasn’t there to lecture students on the finer points of retail accounting, but rather to tease out their ideas of what a successful career looks like in the real world.  Fung’s career... read more

Forbes Reinventing America Summit

I know. I know. It is about time I started blogging. I have been pushing this back for too long. We are about to head into the fourteenth week of the semester! I am constantly communicating to students to quit making excuses like "I don't have time", and just do it... Sadly, I did not follow my own guidance when it came to blogging. Plus, I think I promised a College of Business Administration staff member, you know who you are, that I would write about my experience with the Forbes Reinventing... read more

Taxes on Scholarships and Grants? That’s Right, Your Scholarships and Grants Are Not Tax-Free

Did you get a scholarship or grant this past year? Did you receive a refund deposited to your bank account after all tuition and fees were paid? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should keep reading. Actually, you should keep reading regardless because this is good knowledge to have about taxes, scholarships and grants, and reporting it to the IRS. I did not find out I had to pay taxes on scholarships and grants until after April 15 last year. I had to pay a late penalty... read more

Done with the Semester? Plans for the Summer? Remember, Education is Endless

Doing an internship. Planning on summer school. Serving the community. Traveling to another country. Playing sports. Reconnecting with family or friends. Whatever you choose to do this summer, it is important to keep educating yourself and growing. During my high school years, I wasted my summer, and I feel like many people do that during the summer as well. All I did on my spare time, from what I remember, was play video games, play basketball, go to the beach, and work. Now I am not saying... read more

Travel to Washington DC, Dayton, Dallas, Palo Alto & San Francisco FOR FREE

This is not some crazy marketing scheme! I legit traveled to all four of those places in the last four to five months for free. The purpose of this blog is not to show you how to go to the mentioned locations for free (although you can try and copy my methods if you want), but rather, show you how I created and took advantage of the opportunities presented in front of me. So I’ll stop wasting your time and get right to it. Washington DC – This happened through an invitation to attend the... read more

7 Steps to Become a More Productive Business Student

Say Farewell to Unproductive Semesters! So I hear students say “I don’t have time.” Well I’m not buying it. The truth is you don’t want to make time. I have formulated 7 steps for you to become a more productive business student. 1. Get off Social Media I don’t know if this the most important one, but this was the first one that came to my mind. Leaving social media is more difficult for some than others. Think about the amount of time you use on social media every week and how unproductive you... read more

For the Ladies - The Power Outfit

Hello my UIC Ladies!  I know that many of us just finished swapping our resumes for company business cards ( from the Business Career Center's Spring 2015 Career Fair! I hope many of you had a chance to chat with lots of companies and hopefully snag some interviews for spring/summer internships. As you're waiting for that phone call/ follow-up email reply, you should start thinking wardrobe REVAMP!  "Gaby, why would we think that?" Once those... read more

Business Cards 101

Welcome to Business Cards 101! In this crash course, you will know all there is needed to know about business cards.    Materials:  1. A company you will buy from  (Vistaprint is recommended because they have lots of deals like 100 cards for $8!)  *Click on deals to see what we are talking about ;)  2. Your bio shortened to a few sentences/phrases 3. Money to purchase the cards 4. A business card holder (nice, but not needed)  5. Networking skills, so you can actually put these cards to use! ... read more

Studying business in a different country? An experience of a lifetime

 Like what you see? This was my view of the Shanghai skyline on a boat tour when I was studying abroad last semester (Spring 2015). A few of my peers and I would like to share our advice on how to make studying abroad a reality for YOU. Studying business in a different country adds profound value to your personal experience and your business education. Everyday, you are learning something new: whether how to say Finance in the native language or the way business meetings are conducted in that... read more

2014 Business Alumni Association Graduation Party

Dear Graduating seniors:   Each year the Business Alumni Association throws a party in your honor. This is a great opportunity to say celebrate your achievements! Join several hundred of your classmates and fellow alumni as we honor your hard work toward graduation and introduce you to the Business Alumni Association and how you can remain involved as graduates. This is a free event, but you do need to RSVP  by Monday, May 12. Follow the link for a quick registration. We hope to see you all... read more

LeaderShape Institute Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Day 4: Breaking down how to achieve your visions We learned about how to approach our visions and how to right down or goals for the future.  Highlight: Any activity that we did called "Star Power." This activity illustrated how my peers and I reacted to situations when given the options economically or politically. (To learn more about the activity google it!) Unexpected event: The chaos of the Start Power activity. By the end of the activity everyone was outraged and... read more

Trusting your instincts.

Life is full of choices and sometimes, we do not know where those choices take us. How can we make one choice when presented with an array of choices?” Like most people, I get advice from my parents, advisers, professors, or sometimes from Google itself. I try to think of all the pros and cons of choices after getting advice from the people around me. Then I make my choice. One of the biggest decisions that I have ever made in my life so far was choosing my college and major. I was accepted to... read more

Ira Weiss on Starting a Start-up

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to hear Ira Weiss, a professor at the University Of Chicago-Booth School of Business and also an investor in start-up companies through Hyde Park Angels, speak as part of the UIC Business Scholars Speakers Series: A View From the Top. It was a great opportunity to learn about start-up companies and venture funding. Weiss did his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received his MBA and PhD through University of Chicago... read more

The Eyes Have It

One of the most important part of talking to a stranger is making correct eye contact. “Well, what do you mean by correct eye contact?” I am not saying there is one correct form of eye contact. There are many ways you can interpret  eye contact depending on how long you make it, who you make it with, and where you make it. “Is there a right way to do it? Is there a formula?” But there is one way to find it out. By experimenting and practicing with your peers in a new class,... read more

Come Join the Finance and Investment Group

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get more involved on campus? Are you looking to learn more about career fields in finance? Do you want to meet successful professionals and listen to what they have to say? Then join the Finance and Investment Group! FIG is a dedicated student organization that wants to provide students a glimpse into the real world by offering various workshops, professional speakers, stock game challenges, corporate field trips and much more. I have been part of FIG... read more

What I Learned During My First Semester at UIC.

One of the biggest steps you take as a young adult is going to college. For the first time in your life, you are at a place where you have the freedom to make your own choices and be independent. It is your choice whether you eat junk food all day or keep up with your course load.   Before I started college, I had so many questions. Will I be able to fit into the environment? How am I going to adapt to this new life? How are the professors going to treat me like? How am I going to commute and... read more

If You Struggle With Scholarship Applications, Then Read This

Applying for a UIC Business Scholarship this spring? Did you attend the How to Write an Effective Scholarship workshop? If not, do not worry! Here is a recap: The first thing to know, there are two different scholarships that you can apply for: Accounting Scholarships and General Business Scholarships. Follow this link to find the CBA Scholarship Application: If you are an accounting major, email for the accounting scholarship... read more

Event: The Affordable Care Act: Where's it going? How's it going?

Do you have health coverage? Have you heard about the Affordable Care Act? You might already have health coverage through your parents or school but now there is another option: health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. To learn more about the act and health coverage visit   The main goal of the act: “This Act puts individuals, families and small business owners in control of their health care. It reduces premium costs for millions of working families and small... read more