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UIC Business Students Launch Sisterhood & Success Initiative to Empower Women in Business and Beyond

We are thrilled to see our students extend their communication and collaboration beyond the classroom. On April 1, two UIC Business students, Divyata Goel, MSM ‘23, and Iryna Oshovska, Marketing Graduate Assistant, MSM ‘23, organized a marketing brunch with their peers that was truly remarkable. The event featured Anna LaRocco Masi, a renowned independent marketing and business development consultant, and former CMO of Primo Partners, the largest Ben & Jerry’s franchisee in America. Anna shared her valuable insights on the role of artificial intelligence in marketing, its impact on the market, and how to leverage it effectively in the workplace. She also spoke about the secrets to launching a thriving career in marketing.

The event was further spiced up with a creative marketing quiz by Iryna and Divyata. The quiz featured the latest research findings on social networks in the USA, and a small prize was awarded to the participant with the most correct answers.

Iryna Oshovska

“UIC Business is a hub of talented professionals dedicated to driving innovation, forging meaningful connections, and cultivating collaborations. With this in mind, we decided to organize a gathering of young women from various classes to promote camaraderie and exchange experiences in marketing and business. Our informal approach to networking has proven highly effective in facilitating connections between students and industry professionals. Moving forward, we plan to make these brunches a regular occurrence, involving a diverse range of young women students from UIC Business. This will provide them with ample opportunities to cultivate meaningful relationships and witness the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs and C-level executives firsthand.”

Iryna Oshovska  |  MSM Student, UIC Business

Iryna and Divyata revealed that they are presently working hard to create a women’s community named Sisterhood & Success (SAS).

Divyata Goel

“Our initiative, Sisterhood & Success (SAS) aims to empower and uplift women. Our mission is to create a supportive community where women can come together, collaborate, and help each other grow both professionally and personally. Through Sisterhood & Success, we aim to provide women with access to valuable resources, including mentorship and networking opportunities. We believe that these resources can help women achieve their career goals and reach their full potential.

Having said that, Sisterhood & Success is not just about celebrating our successes, although we will certainly do that. We are about something much more profound and meaningful than that. We are about supporting each other through every aspect of our lives, including our failures, mental health, emotional well-being, and everything in between. Our association is committed to creating a safe space where women can discuss their challenges and receive support from other members who share similar experiences.”

Divyata Goel  |  MSM Student, UIC Business

We are excited to see the growth of business & marketing brunches and the Sisterhood & Success community. So, stay tuned! UIC Business students, keep pushing the boundaries of excellence!