Student Organization Spotlight: SHRM at UIC

The Society of Human Resource Management is the world’s largest HR-based society with over 300,000 members across 165 countries. SHRM believes in the power of a better workplace supporting career growth for professionals. SHRM at UIC empowers students to experience the real world and access HR professionals impacting millions of employees across the globe. SHRM members also gain knowledge about effective human resource management strategies. Learn about SHRM at UIC from Gabriella Llines, SHRM board member and sophomore majoring in human resource management.

What is the vision of SHRM? Has it changed considering current times?
The vision of SHRM at UIC has not changed considering the present times. The vision of SHRM is to provide students with the opportunity to become a member of the world’s largest professional human resources organization. This membership gives students access to real-world experiences, professional development, and networking opportunities that can lead to scholarships, internships, and it is great to add on a resume!

One of the greatest things about SHRM is that any student can join. Familiarizing yourself with HR information can help you with finding an internship and perfecting your interview skills.

Tell us about your experience organizing events for SHRM. How different is it compared to last year?
Presently, SHRM is operating with only two members on the executive board. Organizing events is difficult, but we are working hard to help build our organization for the days ahead. SHRM at UIC is a work in progress, but we are committed to making it a great experience for our members.

Tell us about the other events that SHRM plans to host this spring.
This semester, we plan to host information sessions, resume workshops, guest speakers, and an event that focuses on how to build your presence on LinkedIn. We want to focus on events that can help students develop a professional personality and possess a strong virtual presence.

What are the takeaways for students despite the absence of in-person events this year?
Students are able to connect with others and learn more about the importance of human resources. It is not only our events that students can attend and learn from, but also SHRM and Chicago SHRM as well. These national memberships allow students to attend events and learn from professionals in the HR field., Most importantly, they get a real-world experience.

What is the highlight of your association with SHRM?
The highlight of being associated with SHRM is time and effort into helping the organization grow.

Lastly, how important is it to be part of a student organization?
Now is the time to get involved with student organizations! You are able to participate in multiple events a day without feeling overwhelmed or tired from a commute, and most importantly, you don’t need to worry about picking out an outfit. The virtual world has blessed us with more time to be a part of everything that we always wanted to.

Thank you Gabriella and the entire team for sharing the incredible journey of SHRM at UIC! We wish you all the very best for the exciting days ahead. We are sure that the organization will continue to grow and help students make the workplace better. To connect with Gabriella, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or send an email. To know more about SHRM at UIC, feel free to visit their Facebook page.