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Conversations with a Career Coach | Jacob Schulz

Since February 2019, UIC Business career coach Jacob Schulz has been widely recognized for helping undergraduates discover their purpose as professionals. “I enjoy seeing students reach their goals, whether it’s securing that coveted internship or gaining the clarity needed to set goals,” affirms Schulz. In addition to his contributions to the university, there are plenty of interesting facts about Jacob and reasons why he is a valued team member.

UIC Business career coach Jacob Schulz

What is your hometown?

What are you most talented at?
Along with career coaching, I am a Chicago blues artist. I’ve recorded music and toured around the city with my band.

Describe your favorite Chicago activities.
Going to live music venues, eating at different restaurants and driving down Lake Shore Drive.

What are your favorite restaurants?
Pizano’s. They have amazing pizza! Ruby’s Restaurant has some of the best soul food in Chicago.

Tell us about your professional background.
As a proud UIC alum, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Public Affairs and earned a Master of Public Administration degree as well. My experience includes working in student conduct, health & wellness, commuter programs & services, orientation and human resources.

What brought you to UIC?
I came here as a student in 2010 and decided to stay after serving as president of the Undergraduate Student Government. I did a lot of work on campus and found my passion for student affairs. Since then, I’ve been committed to enhancing the university experience for all students.

What do students need to know about finding the right career fit?
Students must know that there isn’t one single answer to figuring out their career fit. There are a few things that I recommend:

First, you have to know yourself. Learn about your values, interests and skills. Now is the time to explore. Join a student organization, get a part-time job, complete a career assessment (i.e. Focus 2) and set up informational interviews with business professionals and UIC alumni.

Once you’ve done some self-discovery, research different industries and meet with a career coach! We can help you identify potential opportunities.

How do students contact you for career-related assistance?
Students can schedule an appointment with me at UIC Careers or call the main line at (312) 996-5139. If they have questions, they can email me at