Welcome, Spring 2016 Class!

UIC Liautaud would like to extend a warm welcome to the Spring 2016 class! Your paperwork has been submitted, your fees squared away, and your classes selected. Now it’s time to prepare for your first Liautaud experience: The Spring 2016 Onboarding. If you haven’t registered for Onboarding yet, make sure you do so right away to secure your spot for this Saturday, January 9th.

This orientation is a great opportunity to meet your new classmates, faculty, staff, and current students. Networking is a crucial aspect of business school, and Onboarding serves as the first official platform here at Liautaud for you to start building connections right away.

You can also expect to be introduced to the student organizations on campus. Joining at least one student organization during your time at Liautaud will truly enhance your business school experience in a myriad of ways. From connecting with business professionals via executive chats to building long-lasting friendships, students can benefit both professionally and personally from joining and assuming leadership roles in campus organizations. Check out an overview of the student organizations at Liautaud here: http://business.uic.edu/liautaud-graduate-school-business-uic  

Finally, at Onboarding you will have the chance to interact with the Business Career Center staff and learn about all the resources they have to offer to help you reach your career goals during and after business school. Learn more about the BCC here: https://businessconnect.uic.edu/?q=business-career-center

Afterward, head over to Jak’s Tap for a networking social with your fellow classmates before taking the rest of the weekend to rest up before class begin on Monday, January 11th.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Onboarding and around campus soon. Good luck and welcome to UIC Liautaud!