What is YOUR Motivation?

The human race is an expert at forgetting, and often times we tend to forget the long-term goals we have created for ourselves. We all have these great dreams and aspirations of what we would like to pursue in life, but every now and then, we fail to remember these ambitions due to the distractions that life brings upon us. Such distractions cause us to lose motivation, and this is when we slowly begin to forget our ultimate purpose. So let me ask you this, what keeps you motivated to get out of bed each and every day to go to school/work?

When I ask myself this question, I am reminded of why I wake up two hours early to catch the train to go to UIC. After reflecting upon this question I begin to realize all the factors that push me out of my bed and into the world, and this is when I can fully respond to the “what” and “why” aspects of my question.

 The thought of being successful is my main drive. I learned at a very young age that education is the key to success and everything else falls underneath that. My goal is to continue to educate myself, so that one day I can be well established and give back to those who inspired me to succeed. My father has been my main inspiration to work hard in school ever since I was a little girl because unlike most of us, he was not fortunate enough to complete his education due to the tough lifestyle he had as a child. He has been working since he was eight years old, always being the primary breadwinner of the family. My father's hard work is the reason why I want to give back to both my parents, because I don’t want them to work another day in this life. I want them to enjoy the world, and live a life far more beautiful than this—a life that they actually deserve. The mere vision that education will lead to a bright future is the propelling force that stimulates me to achieve and work hard. I know that once I get a proper education, the doors of success will open, and many opportunities will come my way.

So now that you know what motivates me, let’s get back YOU—what is it that truly motivates YOU? What do YOU want to achieve? Once you have answered these questions think about what you are doing now, and how this will impact YOUR future. Something that you should remember is that if you want to live the life that you dream of, you will have to sacrifice your time, energy, and hard work for that life. Soon enough, you can one day finally say that you achieved your goal.

I hope that this blog post inspires you to continue to dream big and do whatever it takes to keep reminding yourself of your goals. Remember, you are never too old or too young to achieve. I hope that some day we can all say that we did it, that we successfully reached our goals —until then, lets keep ourselves motivated!