Time Management Tips and Tricks!

Have you ever been put in a situation where you think you have time to do a certain task, but then by the time you get to the task you ask yourself “Where did all my time go?”

We all know that as the semester progresses, it tends to get harder to keep up with everything, and people begin to lose track of their time. This is why it often becomes impossible to do all the things you have going on in that week such as going to class, attending work, being present in that student org meeting, and on top of all of that studying for that midterm!

After countless sleepless nights, I have finally found tricks and tips to manage my time better, and that is what I will be sharing with you all today!


Here are some tips/techniques I have learned:

  • Plan your week ahead of time. Planning your week can be a very quick and easy way to set goals and tasks for yourself so that you know EXACTLY what you need to do to get all your desired tasks done. If you start your week without knowing what you want to accomplish, then guess what? You probably won’t get much done—this is why every Sunday, I like to take ten minutes out of my day to plan the upcoming week. Go ahead and mark all the important dates and tasks in your calendar/planner/smartphone! I often ask myself questions such as, “what will I do during my breaks?” or “how will I spend my personal time?” After I plan what I would like to do throughout the week, I just carry out my plan! It is that simple!  


  • Set weekly priorities/goals. After you plan your week, it is always a good idea to set 2-3 weekly goals/priorities for yourself so that you know that these things MUST get done. If I know that I have a test to study for and a family dinner to attend, I make sure to write these things down before hand, so I can make time for these things during the week.


  • Take out the time wasters. Now you may ask, what's a “time waster?” Well, these are all the pointless activities one does during their day that prevents them from reaching their goals. Let’s face it, we all have activities that we do during our day that undoubtedly wastes our time. This includes spending way too much time on social media sites, watching TV, texting, and checking emails. By drawing a strict line between what is important and what isn't, one can be more productive throughout their day!


  • Wake up early. Ever heard the saying “The early bird gets the worm?” Well this basically means that success will come to those who prepare well and make the effort to get things done. Starting your day earlier will give you more time to tackle your daily tasks, and will also allow you to get a head start.


  • Multitask. Multitasking can be a very beneficial skill to possess, and is good for getting the job done. If you are able to multitask, then this is a great way to knock out two daily tasks during one time. For example, I always like to check my emails and plan my papers when I am on the train!  For me, there are always those everyday little checklist-type things that have to be completed. Since they are easy tasks, I try to accomplish as many of them as I can at once and as fast as I can by multitasking!


Now that you know some of the secrets to managing your time wisely, I hope you can implement these tips and tricks in your weekly schedules so that you too can have a productive day!