Bowling Together with the Business Scholars



Last Wednesday, the UIC Business Scholars got together with our faculty mentors to discuss something other than business for change - anything but, really - as we bowled together at The Alley in UIC’s Student Center East. UIC Business students are matched with faculty mentors when they enter the Business Scholars program. Our faculty mentors advise our courses of study and help us network in our chosen industries.

Elizabeth Milaicki


Business Scholar Elizabeth Milaicki has two faculty mentors this semester, Professor Michael Miller and Professor Don Kluemper. “I’ve had a lot of curiosity about the management offerings in the department, but some uncertainty, and Professor Kluemper has worked with me to recommend the best upper-level classes for my goals,” said Milaicki. “And Professor Miller has helped me make connections in the music industry, which has been a huge - and unexpected - resource. Even though neither mentor could save my bowling game,” she joked, “it was still great to spend some extra time with both of them.”


Britney Scott


The bowling night was also a way of bringing together the new “families” within the Business Scholars group. A new feature of the Scholars program, the family system matches freshmen and sophomore students with juniors and seniors based on area of study and career goals. Freshman Britney Scott sees a lot of value in the family relationships among the Business Scholars. “There is a wide variety of skills and experiences among the different members, some of whom have been through courses I’ll be taking, and some of whom already have an internship under their belt,” Scott said. Scott’s mentor, Professor Jelena Spanjol, has been working with her on how to market her mathematics and computer science minor to potential employers. “Between Professor Spanjol’s advice and the insight I get from older family members, I have a strong sense of the necessary steps to reach my goals.”


Kevin Ziegenhorn


“I love having the families within the program,” said Kevin Zeigenhorn, a freshman matched with Professor Oleg Bondarenko. “Underclassmen spend more time with upperclassmen this way, and the juniors and seniors are generous with their advice. Since we’re all finance majors in my family, we spend a lot of time discussing career goals, industry gossip and personal experiences.” Zeigenhorn also valued the extra time with his faculty mentor. “Professor Bondarenko and I didn’t talk much finance, but we talked about plenty of other things, and he got to know me much better. I think bowling was the perfect idea!  Plus, winning a game never hurts.”




Below are more pictures from the event. Thanks for reading!