Business Cards 101

Welcome to Business Cards 101!

In this crash course, you will know all there is needed to know about business cards. 



1. A company you will buy from 

(Vistaprint is recommended because they have lots of deals like 100 cards for $8!) 

*Click on deals to see what we are talking about ;) 

2. Your bio shortened to a few sentences/phrases

3. Money to purchase the cards

4. A business card holder (nice, but not needed) 

5. Networking skills, so you can actually put these cards to use! 


Your business card should include the following: 

Full name


Major, Minor

Email (the most professional and one you check most often) 

Phone number (if you so choose) 

2 leadership roles/involvements

A phrase/quote that matches you!

Social Media links such as LinkedIn


So you've done your homework, now to put it in use in the real world. The purpose of the business card is to exchange contact info. It's like getting a phone number (and their major, email, and other info along with it!). I like to think of it also as you're a superhero and that's your calling card. When you meet up with another superhero and get THEIR calling card, it's a win-win. 

If there was a recipe to networking and giving exchanging business cards, it would be:

1. Go to a networking event and introduce yourself to a stranger.

(Best results if you are comfortable, natural, and honest) 

2. Have a casual conversation and get to know them!

3. If you both hit it off and nearing the end of the conversation, let them know you enjoyed talking to them and would love to keep in contact. Ask if you may have their business card! Then, you can bring out yours for themselves. 

4. Your connection is now ready and made. Please wait a day or so to send a follow-up email. Make sure to follow-up! 

Gaby Tips: 

​​​Business cards are like a first impression to look back on. Leave a great impression with an impressive business card. If you have a professional yet creative design you'd like to add, go for it! Make sure that connection remembers you. When receiving someone else's business card, when you grab it, hold it like it was a present and be sure to look over it with time in front of them. This demonstrates that you value them and the interaction. Write a few notes to remember that person on the back if you can. Have a few business cards in your bag and ready with you no matter when you go! You'll never know where you might meet someone. 

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Happy first month of classes! May the next four be ever in your favor.