The Impact of Values on Job Satisfaction

Associate Professor of Marketing in the UIC College of Business Administration, Jelena Spanjol, is not only a pivotal asset to the Interdisciplinary Product Development (IPD) program, but also a researcher developing insights into the realms of managerial studies and innovation. Dr. Spanjol’s most recent research looks at how values impact job satisfaction. With the help of two colleagues from the University of Wollongong and the University of Western Sydney, they take a look at the environmental values of Australian engineers and how their values relate to their respective company's values and how those values affect job satisfaction. The research suggests employees and employers that share similar values about the environment will lead to a magnified increase in job satisfaction. The research will appear in an upcoming article in the Journal of Business EthicsDr. Spanjol's research is a great value to businesses looking to increase their employees' job satisfaction. 

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