Webinar series by Goldman Sachs

Have you ever been to an interview and the interviewer said, “Walk me though you resume?” If you have, your most likely response was that you listed all the great things on your resume in order.  Well, that might not be an ideal response. Think about it. The interview already has a resume in front of them and restating what they can all ready see is not ideal.

To know what the best response is and other tips on resume and interview watch this recorded webinar hosted by Goldman Sachs.

Also, from July 9 through August 20 every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6pm – 7pm EST Goldman Sachs will host a webinar on different topics and division in Goldman Sachs. During the webinar you have the opportunity to participate and ask any questions that you might have. At the end presenters will select a few question and answer them.

If the timings does not work with your schedule, then you can watch the webinars the next day here.

This a great way to learn about the firm and also at the end some participant will be selected for "accelerated interviews" for 2015 summer program.

To sign up for the upcoming webinars follow this link!