Join the Liautaud Consulting Groups at inKind

We’ve already blogged a bit about how student organizations at UIC Business can help you win scholarships and land jobs. These organizations also offer business students opportunities to apply classroom lessons and fill out their resumés with valuable work-related experience, and when it comes to consulting work, students need to look no further than inKind at UIC Business. Liautaud students interested in consulting should read on for details about how to get involved in the 2016-17 year inKind program.

inKind Consulting is entering its fifth year, and embarking on its most ambitious programming to date. The inKind program matches teams of students with area nonprofit organizations to address organizational challenges, research complex questions, or propose growth strategies.. The 2016-2017 program year will run 30 weeks, beginning with a kickoff meeting in early September, and ending with a project expo in late March.

In 2015, inKind project teams helped an organization plan the launch and marketing of a new product distribution program, collected data on product distribution to recommend a comprehensive mapping of products and vendors, and developed a marketing plan for a community advocacy program that sought to expand its brand awareness.

This year, one of the inKind teams will be working with an education nonprofit to research and develop an alumni networking plan. Another team will help an organization plan a new social enterprise by proposing where, when, and how to open a new cafe.  A third team will research and recommend a social media marketing campaign for a mid-size community organization. And a fourth team will help a new nonprofit plan its growth and programming for its first year.

Student membership:
Any UIC Liautaud student can apply to join an inKind team. MIS, MSA, MSF, and MBA students are all encouraged to apply. Our projects are diverse, as should be the skills of our team members.  This year, the inKind program is an elective course, which will be assigned a letter grade and one credit hour. Students must complete and submit an application by 5:00pm on Friday, August 26. Applications should be submitted to Bryan Verstegen the inKind program director, at

Member organizations:
Any nonprofit organization is welcome to complete an application or contact Bryan Verstegen at to explore involvement in the inKind program. Nonprofit applications are due to Bryan by 5:00pm on Friday, August 26.