Commencement Countdown with Student Singer Courtney Hickman

Courtney Hickman is a full-time fundraising professional with UIC Business and is graduating in May 2018 from the Master of Science in Marketing program. Hickman is passionate and confident of her skill set in donor relations, capital campaign fundraising, front-line fundraising, brand management, promotions/marketing, and event planning. She will be singing the National Anthem as this year’s commencement student singer, and reflected on her time as a UIC student for the UIC Business Blog:

Q: Tell us about a memorable event that you attended on campus.

Being a part-time MSM student, I found that the most memorable and valuable events to attend were the various graduate student happy hours. They were a great opportunity to further engage with my classmates, as well as the various speaker panels that feature UIC Business alumni. These panels, especially hearing from others in your industry, were very inspiring and provided helpful insights into where the marketing industry currently stands.

Q: What UIC Business elective class would you most recommend?

My favorite UIC Business elective was International Business Operations. This class fell into the marketing realm, but it was an opportunity to be in the minds of companies that operate internationally and learn about the various challenges they may face. This course was very hands-on and interactive.

Q: What is UIC Business’s best-kept secret?

Don’t be afraid to utilize the staff in the library. They are so helpful! When it comes to needing various sources for research papers or even specific software, most computers in the library have the software that you can use without having to download it on your personal laptop.

Q: What is your advice to incoming UIC Business graduate students?

My advice for incoming UIC Business graduate students would be to constantly be curious, ask questions, and keep an open mind. The connections you will make with faculty and colleagues in your program, as well as the content you learn, will help further your business career. Think outside of the box and take elective courses that interest you but might not exactly be in your concentration.

Congratulations to all the 2018 UIC Business graduates. We’re looking forward to hearing Hickman sing at commencement!