Our Members Make the MBA Association Great

This year the MBA Association (MBAA) has made leaps and bounds towards creating value for the Liautaud Community. As a board we feel this year every event has been great and impactful. We're extremely proud of the success the MBAA has experienced, but we know that our success is owed to our members. 

It is through your input and engagement that the MBAA is able to create value.  

We have incredibility engaged members, and we want to take this opportunity express our appreciation. Below is a small taste of the members that make the MBAA great.




Brett Czekaj, MBA Candidate 2015










Jahnavi Kurapati MBA Candidate 2017











Mackenzie Magnus, MBA/MPH Candidate 2016









Johnny McWilliams, MBA Candidate 2016









Kellyn Bechtold, MBA/MPH Candidate 2016







Saloni Jain, MBA Candidate 2017










Christine Rapp MBA/MPH Candidate 2016








Evan Bierman MBA Candidate 2015







Mihai Raicu, MBA Candidate 2015










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