Student Profile: Aanu Ogedengbe, MBA Candidate 2015

Aanu Ogedengbe
Full-time, MBA Candidate 2015

Concentration(s): Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate degree in: Nursing

Undergraduate School: UIC

Organizations involved with: MBAA, GMARK, and Innovation Incubator

What prompted you to return to school to achieve your master’s degree?

I wanted to get the knowledge and well-respected credential to launch a career in the fashion business, successfully switching from Nursing.

What was the most important factor for you in choosing an MBA program?

I was looking for a business school that got what I was trying to do. I am a non-traditional MBA student (a nurse) going into a non-traditional field (fashion). Not every school gets that or is willing to support that.

Why did you choose UIC Liautaud for your graduate study?

I was heavily influenced by the entrepreneurial mindset at UIC Liautaud. I also participated in a mock MBA class to experience how it would feel to be in the program. It was a simulation of the Interdisciplinary Product Development (IPD) marketing course taught by Prof. Jelena Spanjol, and I LOVED IT! And the rest is history…

Which class/professor has been your favorite so far and why?

I really enjoy every single class, even Financial Accounting. I am having the most fun with my Introduction to Marketing course, where I am working on the different aspects of marketing a product. 

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