MBA COURSE SPOTLIGHT: Leading for Impact | Social Innovation and Leadership Series

Organizations are the world's most powerful actors. As such, leaders have enormous potential to make an impact. Most leaders want to have a positive impact of some kind, but doing so effectively is not easy. It requires keen awareness of two things – how to have an impact through organizations and what kind of impact one wants to have. First, leaders need to understand key levers for generating positive outcomes through organizational structures and relationships. Second, plotting a coherent course requires an understanding of distinct types of impact that one might have as well as insight into one’s their own personal strengths, values, and objectives. Alignment with one’s own values enables people to plot a course that is both meaningful to themselves and maximally consequential to others.
In this MGMT 594 class, students will explore each of these two topics in depth and will analyze major levers for making an impact, and then examine how each is used to generate distinct types of impact. Students will gain appreciation for how these paths differ and for what factors lead each to be effective. They will also come to more deeply understand themselves, their unique strengths, and their preferred ways of having an impact. By the end of the class, students will be equipped with the necessary analytical and self-reflection tools to begin to chart their own desired course as leaders. The class should leave participants more capable in their careers and more energized about their futures.


MGMT 594: Leading for Impact
Part of the Social Innovation and Leadership Series
Spring 2014
CRN: 31293— Mondays, 6-8:30pm— Room TBA
Pedagogical Approach 
Students will draw from a wide range of teaching methodologies in this course, including cases, videos, activities, discussions, and cutting-edge thinking and research. Through these different means, students will come away with a deeper understanding for a) levers for having an impact, b) distinct types of impact that might be achieved through those levers, and c) personal strengths and objectives to draw upon when charting an impactful career.
Who should take this course?
Anyone interested in leading organizations or helping them make important decisions, whether strategic or managerial, will benefit from this course. The course should resonate with those expressly committed to having a positive social impact. At the same time, it is designed to enhance leadership ability generally. Note although listed under MGMT 594, this course can be used towards a Management or an Entrepreneurship concentration. You may also petition to use this course towards a self-directed concentration along with other courses from the Social Innovation and Leadership course series. If you are interested in a self-directed concentration, please contact UIC Liautaud Student Services for more information about this option.
Professor: Shelley Brickson, PhD
Professor Brickson is an Associate Professor of Managerial Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research interests focus on issues of identity – how identity influences the way in which individuals relate to others who are demographically different from themselves, and how organizational identity shapes the way in which organizations relate to their stakeholders.
Professor Brickson graduated from Carleton College with a degree in psychology. She went on to Harvard University where she earned a master’s degree in psychology and a PhD in organizational behavior. She spent several years at London Business School prior to joining the UIC Business faculty.
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