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Graduate Admissions Advice in Challenging Times

In a recent interview, comedian and writer Mel Brooks said it best "We can get through this stuff…” Although, we are going through challenging and unprecedented times with COVID19, certain aspects of our lives continue to go on. This includes working (from home for many of us), cooking and eating (a lot in my case), and adapting to new environments and technologies. This may also mean developing new skills either formally or informally. With an uncertain economy and job market, you may be... read more

Guaranteed and Preferred Graduate Admissions

During these challenging and unique times, the need for advanced education in business is more important than ever. Having an advanced degree can provide you with higher income over your lifetime and make you more marketable in a competitive job environment. While these are very uncertain times, developing a plan about your future career and education is a positive step in the right direction. UIC Business offers Guaranteed and Preferred Admissions Pathways for our master’s degrees in... read more

Join the InKind Consulting Program for 2017-2018

Calling all UIC Liautaud students! Are you looking to strengthen your resume and give back to the community at the same time? Are you interested in helping a local Chicago organizations streamline its finances, create a new marketing strategy, or even improve its network security? What is inKind? InKind Consulting is a student-led, pro-bono consulting program created by the MBA Association and Net Impact student organizations from the UIC Liautaud Graduate Business School.  The InKind program... read more

Building on Healthcare Experience in a Liautaud MBA

Yih-Ting Chen, MBA ’17, came to UIC Liautaud from Taipei, Taiwan, where he’d worked as a hospital pharmacist, a job that gave him privileged insight into hospital management, single-payer healthcare, and Taiwan’s pharmaceutical market. As a pharmacist, Chen was putting his bachelor’s degree to work precisely in his area of expertise. But the more he learned about healthcare, the more interested he became in business and management. “I knew that Taiwanese healthcare faced challenges,” Chen says,... read more

Cognitive Business at UIC Liautaud

Do Jeopardy! fans out there ever wonder what became of IBM Watson after its 2011 game show victory? Far from simply resting on its laurels, IBM Watson has been developed toward a wide range of applications in the public and private sectors, including a number of apps based in the Watson technology. The growth of IBM Watson has also reached UIC Liautaud, where the Watson system and the field of cognitive computing were the focus of Professor Aris Ouksel’s graduate IDS course last fall. “Cognitive... read more

Welcome, Spring 2016 Class!

UIC Liautaud would like to extend a warm welcome to the Spring 2016 class! Your paperwork has been submitted, your fees squared away, and your classes selected. Now it’s time to prepare for your first Liautaud experience: The Spring 2016 Onboarding. If you haven’t registered for Onboarding yet, make sure you do so right away to secure your spot for this Saturday, January 9th. This orientation is a great opportunity to meet your new classmates, faculty, staff, and current students. Networking is... read more

The CRIM Student Experience

During the 2015 fall semester, UIC Business undergrads and Liautaud MIS students participated in student-business partnerships as part of the UIC Business Center for Research in Information Management (CRIM). Under the guidance of Professors Matt Liotine and John Fyfe, students formed project teams through a process of resumé review and grouping by skills and interests. Once formed, the teams were paired with participating organizations. The organizations for the fall semester were Complyse,... read more

Styles of Entrepreneurship at Liautaud

For Ajay Pattani, entrepreneurship is akin to personal fashion, not only in the sense that each person is bound to develop their own way of doing things, but also, as Pattani says, “because each year I look back at the year prior and ask myself, ‘what was I thinking?’” As part of Liautad's MBA Executive Talk series, Pattani, founder of Perfect Search and a mentor at 1871, met with a group of Liautaud MBA students on November 12 to discuss his business practices and the professional experience... read more

Heather Corallo Talks Women in Tech at Liautaud

On the evening of Monday, November 2, Groupon’s Heather Corallo made the trip across the loop to UIC Business to speak to an audience of Liautuad students about careers in tech. Her presentation, “Building Your Own Brand,” covered everything from job market basics like resumes, social media presence and interviewing skills to broader issues about the challenges women face in the tech industry. Corallo’s work sits at the intersection of diversity, education and leadership development. While the... read more

Liautaud Finance in the Heart of Chicago

With finance manager just ranked one of the Top 25 Best Jobs for 2016 by Glassdoor, what better time to advance your skills in finance. The UIC Business finance department is ranked in the Top 25 by US News & World Report, and it offers a research-based, real-world infused Master of Finance degree. The MSF is a quicker degree than the MBA - 32 credit hours in as little as a year of study - designed to help students make a quick turn in their career and get the expertise necessary for advancing... read more

Liautaud Students Sink or Swim on TD Ameritrade's Dime

TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim Challenge is now in its second week, and four Liautaud MBA students are staying close to their laptops and strategizing non-stop. “We’re constantly meeting between classes to check the trading account,” says Jon Spurgeon, “we leave a trading strategies class or a portfolio investment class with plenty of new ideas to test in the market.” The TD Ameritrade thinkorswim Challenge is a four-week trading competition between 450 teams representing universities from across... read more

Social Enterprise Alliance at UIC Net Impact

A big challenge for social enterprises, nonprofits and NGOs has been how to measure efficiency and impact when the bottom line isn’t simply revenue or stock price, but rather some form of social value. As the nature of social value continues to evolve, new organizations doing new work need new kinds of measurement. Members of Chicago’s social enterprise community discussed these issues at “Impact Hour - The Sustainability of Social Impact,” a September 23 event cohosted by the UIC chapter of Net... read more

Interested in Mastering Business Analytics?

There is a growing demand for analytics in every field. From social media, to customer reviews, to sales figures; every aspect of business surrounds data, and data needs to be thoroughly analyzed in order to make the right decisions. With Liautaud’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program, you will learn how data analysts describe, predict, and inform business decisions in the specific areas of marketing, human resources, finance, and operations, and you will develop basic data literacy... read more

Mastering Marketing at UIC Liautaud

For those looking for a fun, exciting job in a rapidly growing industry, marketing is becoming an attractive option. Job opportunities are expected to grow by the thousands and median incomes are in the low six figures. Marketing takes a mix of creativity and strategy, and UIC Liautaud provides that and more.  Professor Alan Malter recently a sat down with a couple of UIC Business bloggers to discuss the new Masters of Science in Marketing program at the Liautaud Graduate School of Business.... read more

Masters In Business Analytics - Your Key To Success

Glassdoor ranks data scientist as the #1 job in America, with analytics manager following just below at #11. Hardly a surprise, given the growing demand for data analytics in every field of business. From social media to logistics to sales figures, every aspect of business involves data collection and analysis, and firms are increasingly wary of making decisions without it. UIC Liautaud’s Master of Science in Business Analytics is designed to prepare students to meet this growing demand for data... read more

Student Spotlight: Julianne Sherer, MBA Candidate 2015

  Julianne Sherer Full-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s):  Self-Directed, a combination of Accounting, Finance, and Management Field of Work:  Nonprofit/Public Sector Financial Management Undergraduate Degree:  BA in Government/International Affairs and Sociology Undergraduate School: Augustana College (Sioux Falls, SD) Career Goal: Public Administrator with a budgeting/finance focus Organizations Involved With:  Net Impact (VP of Membership), InKIND, MBAA   Interests/Hobbies: I’m an avid... read more

A Letter from Sholanki Sarkar, 2014 MBA

Dear Friends, I'm writing to you to describe my experience here at UIC Liautaud. I came from across the seas to the United States from my home country, India, for higher education. While working at IBM, I realized the need to understand business and management in more depth. My specific interest in UIC Liautaud was the opportunity to learn strategic management and product development in greater detail. So I chose UIC Liautaud among all the college admits I had received. My experience was amazing... read more

MBA Fall Orientation: A Memorable Event

As I enter my first year as a Liautaud graduate student and begin my journey toward a Master's in Business Administration, I cannot be more grateful for the great experience I had at Fall Orientation. In short, the UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business quickly showed me that they care about the success of their students. From the course presentations made by such prestigious professors to the icebreaker game introduced by Caroline LaTorre, which allowed us to know the successes of our peers,... read more

My Liautaud Experience: Great Teachers and Great Courses

The courses are much more practical than the courses I took during my bachelor's study. We have to think about how to put theory into practice. That's great!But I hope we can have more business related activities. As a MSA student, I really want to go out of the class to get more communication with MBA and students from other majors.Name: Zhang WeiProgram:  MSACity: ChicagoState: IllinoisUIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business; Student Experience; MSA; Master of Science in Accounting read more

My Liautaud Experience: Forming a Group...

At the end of my first class the professor asked us to walk around and form teams for the remainder of the semester. She emphasized forming a team with differing backgrounds and expertise. Well, after talking to the person to my left and then to my right along with a passer by we had formed the basis of team that included an Entrepreneur from India, an Engineer from Scotland, a CFO from Schaumberg, and a Manager from Iraq. You don’t get much more diverse than that in 5 minutes!Name: Euan... read more