On the Path to Success: Sunny Shah

Sunny Shah

Class of: 2014

Major: Information and Decision Sciences

Email: sshah210@uic.edu

Internship Position

Company: Cook County Government

Title of Position: Information Security Intern


Why did you choose your current position?

I have been very interested in cyber security throughout my college career and due to the recent cyber-attacks on the news, it has become a very important issue for the U.S. I think my internship is a great starting point to see how companies combat cyber-attacks and what they can do to better protect themselves. I eventually would like to work for a federal law enforcement agency combating cyber-crime and I thought this internship would be a great experience to learn more about information security.

Describe your new role?

As an information security intern, I will work directly with the Chief Information Security Officer in researching and evaluating a variety of products and services that will prevent and protect Cook County from cyber-attacks and threats. Also, I have been tasked with reporting on policies that would better confirm identity in regards to resetting passwords. Along with my fellow intern, we have created an Information Security Office SharePoint page that contains basic information on how users can better protect their computers and themselves from social engineering.  

How did you obtain your current position?

I obtained my current position by keeping up with UICcareers job postings and applying for the internship through UICcareers. I talked with Justin Lall, from the Business Career Center and he helped in informing me more about the position and what Cook County was looking for from a prospective intern.

What advice do you have for students currently searching for internships or full-time positions?

The biggest piece of advice I would give is to open and read emails that are sent from UIC Business, especially Career Alerts that contain information on various internship and full-time opportunities. If a position that you have an interest in becomes available, apply! The worst that can happen is that you hear a “no”; even if that occurs keep on applying to internships and full-time positions. Do not get discouraged!