On the Path to Success: Eugene Fula

Eugene Fula

Class of: 2014

 Masters of Science in Accounting

Email: Efula2@uic.edu

Full time Position 

Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Title of Position: Tax – Financial Services


Why did you chose your current position?

I was interested in tax after completing a corporate tax internship at RR Donnelley.  To me a tax career is a constant learning experience, because regulations are constantly changing, and it becomes a lot more complicated when state & local, and international regulations are introduced. Personally I like to be challenged on a daily basis, and working in tax I feel I will be constantly challenged, and adopting to new regulation as it is changes.

Describe your new role?

As a PwC intern, I was part of the Financial Services group solving tax issues for private equity and hedge fund clients.  When I interned during the summer, my main task was preparing work papers for the 1065 partnership returns, and the associated K-1’s that will be sent out to the partners. During my short time there, I learned a lot, and the senior’s that I would report too were extremely helpful. I was able to not only learn how to do the task, but I also learned the why behind everything I did. I tried to inquire to the reasoning behind it, and in turn that would help me to better complete the task at hand. I learned a lot through this internship and can’t wait to start my full time position in July and continue my learning experience.

How did you obtain your current position?

When I was actively searching for jobs, I was in the habit of checking UICCareers.com weekly. I would check to see if any new and interesting jobs were posted and one day that paid off when I noticed a tax internship at PwC was just posted. Seeing that posting I proofread my resume one last time, and immediately applied.

While doing all of this, I was still interning at RR Donnelley and made a connection with a manager in PwC’s state & local tax group. So, as soon as I received an email for a schedule a phone interview, I informed her about my interview and she recommended me to the recruiter. After that, I went through the interview process. Which was very informational and everyone I met at PwC was really nice and helpful.  After the interview, I knew that this is a company that I could see myself working for, and that made my choice to accept an offer very easy.

What advice do you have for students currently searching for internships or full time positions?

 My biggest piece of advice is to gain connections any way possible. UIC has lots of events where you can meet professionals, and introduce yourself. If you make a few strong connections, someone will help you in any way they can. Also, I strongly advise to make sure your UICCareers.com profile is up to date, and check the postings every week. You never know what opportunity might come up, it could very well be your dream job!