Career Fair Prep To-Dos to Add to Your Calendar

Steam your suits and make your resume copies, the Spring 2018 Business & Technology Career Fair takes place on Tuesday, February 13 from 11a.m. to 2p.m. in the Student Center East Illinois Rooms. In order to make the most of the day, add these reminders to your calendar and plan accordingly. Your future awaits, don’t wait for it. 

Get Feedback
With the addition of a completed fall internship and new skills from last semester’s classes your resume will look much different than it did the last time you sent out applications. Before you press print on the copy machine, make sure you get some other sets of eyes on your new and improved resume.  The Business Career Center still has some available advising appointments. Also consider asking a friend with an eye for copy editing to do a final proof before printing off the recommended 20 copies.

Plan in Advance
Don’t let the morning of the Career Fair be the first time you’ve looked at the list of employers in attendance or said your improved elevator pitch out loud. View the list of employers on the UIC Business App, and follow the Business Career Center’s advice on prioritizing employers and crafting your message. And of course, make sure you find, clean and iron your business professional clothes the week before. 

Fine-Tune Your Digital Profile
Just like a clear resume is essential to a productive career fair, updating your digital networking profile can be key to continuing this success going forward.  Update (or create!) your LinkedIn profile according to Career Center Director of Operations Jeff Wilson’s advice. Your profile should include a professional headshot and reflect your career goals and experience. Make sure to join relevant groups and companies like UIC, and when you graduate, the UIC Business Alumni group. These will signal your career interests to recruiters.

Have questions about the Career Fair or need more interview preparation resources? Contact the UIC Business Career Center.