Alumni Profile: Kiran Kripakaran, MBA 2012

Kiran Kripakaran, MBA Candidate 2012
Kiran Kripakaran
MBA Candidate 2012
Full-time student
  • Concentration(s): Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Industry/ Field of work: Product Development
  • Undergraduate degree in: Engineering Management and Manufacturing
  • Undergraduate School: Miami University of Ohio
  • Career Goal: To create a product that will leave a lasting effect on the world.
  • Organizations involved with: MBAA, GMARK, Student Ambassador Program
  • Linkedin Profile:

What prompted you to return to school to achieve your MBA? 

I wanted to further my knowledge in business as a whole. My engineering degree had prepared me with the analytical skills I needed as well as some managerial experience. However, I felt that with the combination of my BS in Engineering and an MBA, I would be giving myself the best opportunity to find a career that I could be passionate about.

What was the most important factor for you in choosing an MBA program (or factors you considered)?

I wanted a contemporary program that would best prepare students to enter the current job market.

Why did you choose UIC Liautaud for your MBA? 

UIC’s entrepreneurial mindset and the IPD program were two of the main factors on why I chose Liautaud.

We all know that people pursue the MBA to increase their business knowledge, but since you have started the program, what has been the most unexpected gain the MBA has given you? 

I will leave the program with many friends and connections that I would have never met if I had not pursued my MBA.

Which class/professor has been your favorite thus far and why? 

ENTR 502, Feasibility Analysis with professor Renko has been one of my favorite classes thus far in my MBA program. The class provided me with great knowledge on the steps to take before looking to create an idea/business.

What is your favorite aspect of the UIC campus and why? 

UIC’s Douglas Hall and Recreational Facility are two of my favorite buildings on campus. They are both new facilities that are made up of great architecture and modern conveniences.

How would you define the Liautaud student? 

A down to earth and outgoing student who is passionate about what they are doing.

What advice would you provide to incoming UIC Liautaud MBA students? 

If you’re dedicated to the Liautaud MBA program, you will find a wealth of opportunities before you that will allow you to further your personal and professional life.

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