Developing Banking Industry Expertise as a BMO Intern

Jasur Rasulovby Jasur Rasulov

This summer, I completed an internship as a treasury sales and services officer at the BMO Harris Bank’s Treasury and Payment Solutions group in Chicago.

My group was responsible for delivering cash management services to commercial clients. In my role, I primarily supported sales teams across three markets-- mid-corporate, institutional, and engineering and construction--in the fulfillment of everyday banking products. On a daily basis, I prepared and executed lending non-security and investment product documentations. 

I also had the opportunity to work on a special project where our team constructed an investment solutions model for a corporate client. I actively participated in producing deliverables and helped design a customer-specific financial model that provided several solutions for the client’s investable balance of $5 million.

Moreover, I assisted commercial account managers by compiling more than 20 client business reviews and attending several client calls and meetings. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the immense learning experience I had over the summer. I am proud of having gained an expertise on different aspects of the banking industry, including learning about different BMO divisions and treasury products. I also gained experience in conducting professional client meetings and prioritizing customers’ needs.

I continuously took advantage of chances to connect with professionals in other segments of the bank that interested me. The internship program leadership team at BMO was very proactive in providing professional development opportunities, and I attended multiple speaker series sessions with experienced personnel at BMO. 

Without the UIC Business Scholars program, I would probably have never received this specific opportunity at BMO. I am grateful to my former academic advisor, Rachel Marten, and the administration of UIC Business for playing such crucial roles in providing me with this opportunity.   
The professional development courses offered at UIC Business enhanced my networking and communication skills, while the business core classes I’ve taken undoubtedly honed my accounting, financial, and marketing expertise.

I plan to share the valuable lessons I learned with the incoming freshmen cohort at UIC Business, as well as anyone else looking for advice regarding interview and recruiting procedures, internship selection, and different divisions within banking. 

I am confident that as the reputations of UIC Business and the Business Scholars program continue to grow, even more students will represent our community at top companies in the financial, technology, and e-commerce industries. 

My post-graduation goals consist of utilizing the invaluable work and educational experiences towards becoming a professional in the market research and data analytics sphere and working to modernize the infrastructure of customer-centric marketing strategies. I also see myself pursuing an MBA within three to four years of completing my undergraduate studies.

For more information on internship opportunities for UIC Business students, visit the UIC Business Career Center.

Jasur Rasulov is a UIC Business Scholar in his junior year, studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Finance and Business Analytics minors. In the summer of 2017, Jasur was a treasury sales and services officer intern at the BMO Harris Bank’s Treasury and Payment Solutions group.  At UIC, he works as a service management analyst with ACCC and a student coordinator in the Business Scholars program. He serves as vice president of the UIC Political Science Student Union.