Alumni Profile: Maggie Hammond, MBA/MIS 2012


Maggie Hammond

MBA/MS in MIS Joint Degree

Concentration in Marketing

Pre-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Library Science

Post-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Supply Chain Management & Logistics Software

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Telecommunication & Film/American Studies

Undergraduate Institution: University of Alabama

Current Employer: Red Prairie: Support Specialist II

LinkedIn Profile: Maggie Hammond

Why did you return to school to obtain your Graduate Business Degree?

I wanted to change my career path. After working in a highly specialized area for several years, I found that I was limited in my job options, and I wanted to diversify my skillset.

Why did you choose UIC Liautaud?

When I attended information sessions for various schools, I found that the UIC Liautaud students were the ones who seemed the most excited about their program. I was looking for the school that would provide the right experience for me during the program, not just a piece of paper when I graduated. I felt that programs such as IPD would give me practical knowledge and experience.

How has your Liautaud experience influenced your career to date?

I am better able to see how my position will contribute to my own and my company's success.

Which course was your favorite and why? 

Interdisciplinary Product Development (MKTG 594) has been my favorite course; it was one of the reasons I chose UIC Liautaud, and I wasn’t disappointed with my experience. Having the opportunity to develop product ideas for an actual company was an invaluable experience. I had a great team and enjoyed having the opportunity to work on a cross-functional team--we had two industrial design students, two engineering students and three MBA students on my team. I wanted a course that would give me hands-on practical experience, and that’s exactly what IPD provided.

What was your favorite aspect of the UIC Liautaud program?

While there are many wonderful aspects of the program, I think my favorite is that I was able to earn two degrees (MBA and MS in MIS) concurrently.

How would you define the Liautaud student?

It's hard to define THE Liautaud student, because there is such diversity among the student body. Students come from different educational and work backgrounds, different parts of the world and they have different career goals. One thing I have noticed is that students want to help each other. I know at many schools the students are very competitive, but here it seems that the students want to help each other succeed.

Now that you've graduated, what advice do you have for current Liautaud students?

Take Professor Popowits's MBA 590 course on Improv and Leadership. It's a fun class, but more importantly, the skills you learn will help you get a job.