Ginger Lacy

Career Compass: Launching Your Career

As we near the end of the Spring semester, it seems that Graduation is just around the corner. For those of you who are graduating from UIC in May, this is a pivotal time to continue to pursue your post-UIC plans and launch your career. Whether you are currently searching for your first full-time career position or have already secured your dream job, it’s important to get started on accomplishing your career goals. Landing Your First Job After UIC Conducting a successful job search is a... read more

Career Compass: Perfecting Your Pitch

Spring is just around the corner – and with Spring comes the start of baseball season, which will begin with the ceremonial first pitch thrown out on Opening Day. Preparing a good “pitch” is also an essential task for successful job seekers in any season. A “pitch” is a communication tool you should use to convey who you are, which may include your education, work experience, skills, and career interests. The “30 Second Pitch” Commonly known as the “elevator pitch,” this is a quick pitch (10-30... read more

Career Compass: Preparing for Virtual Career Fairs

It’s career fair season – and this year all career fairs are virtual! Employers are discovering that the virtual format makes career fairs easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming, so it’s likely that virtual career fairs are here to stay. At these events students can meet with employers for brief one-on-one virtual conversations to discuss job opportunities and students’ career interests & qualifications. Virtual career fairs are hiring events for currently active job seekers, so be sure... read more

Career Compass: New Year - New Career Strategies

It’s 2021 – a new year. Many of you may have made New Year’s resolutions -- decisions to make different lifestyle choices or to try something new. What are your resolutions for your career in 2021? These are some recommended career strategies to pursue in the new year: Reflect on Your Interests & Strengths The start of a new year is a perfect time to assess your interests, skills and values, whether you will be pursuing your first internship or full-time position or are thinking about changing... read more

Career Compass: Leveraging Your Winter Break

Leverage. It’s a word which is probably familiar to many of you. In the world of finance, leverage is any technique involving debt rather than equity in the purchase of an asset. But leverage also means: to use something to maximum advantage. How will you leverage your Winter Break? With Winter Break beginning on December 12, this is an excellent time to work on your career plans, internship or job search strategy before the spring semester begins in January. Here are some ideas on how to... read more

Career Compass: Job Searching During A Pandemic

These months during the pandemic have been filled with uncertainty and questions: How is the job market? Are employers hiring at all? Should I bother looking for a job now? While there are many unknowns regarding this challenging time, there are two things we do know:  1.) Employers are still hiring 2.) Motivated, hard-working UIC students can still be successful in their job searches. Be prepared Careful and thorough preparation for your job search is more crucial now than ever before. This... read more

Career Compass: Exploring Careers

What kinds of careers options do I have?  How can I find a job that I will like? Whether you are choosing a career for the first time or thinking about changing careers, there are some key ways in which you can explore new careers. The starting point is to assess your interests, skills and professional values with help from a career coach at the Business Career Center. So, through your self-assessment process you’ve identified a handful of possible job functions and career fields which might be... read more

Career Compass: Navigating Your Career Journey

A compass is a tool that gives direction and guidance on which way to go. As you progress through your time at UIC Business, the Business Career Center serves as your "career compass," providing you with the coaching, tools and resources to help you reach your destination. Each month, you will find helpful information and tips in this column to guide you on your career path. Do you know what career direction you are headed?  Before you can figure out where you want to go, it's important to know... read more