UIC Liautaud's Doing Business in Brazil Program

Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: What Brazil Taught Me

Over the course of two weeks in Brazil, I had the opportunity to learn so many new and exciting things that I would not have learned by merely hearing or reading about it in a classroom. Reason being, you can't learn about the Brazilian culture till you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. We had two weeks of classes at the FGV University. We were taught by some of the most well respected professors at the University and around the country.  The professors certainly have a unique... read more

Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: Rio

Rio was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The best way to describe the city would be an urban area dropped into the middle of a jungle. UIC Liautaud students had the oppurtunity to stay at two different locations while visitng Rio. Our first hostel was located in Santa Teresa, which was located on one of the many hills in Rio. Everything around us seemed as though time had just stood still for decades and things had hardly changed. Other than small bars and restaurants that... read more

Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: First Week in Brazil

I've been in Sao Paulo for a little over a week now, and it has been an amazing time so far. The city itself can be best described as a "concrete jungle." The amount of diverse cultures and different types of people that are here is at times overwhelming. We had a chance to look at the city from a great view atop a skyscraper. Its hard to describe how the city looks specifically, but in general it's just layers and layers of different structures ranging from skyscrapers to high rises. The size... read more

Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: Florianopolis

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Florianopolis (also called Floripa) is an island located on the south eastern coast of Brazil. It was an hour flight from Sao Paulo to Floripa. We got there late thursday night and took a shuttle from the airport to Barra Beach Club Hostel. Since we came so late on thursday we were unable to see the beauty that floripa had to offer. However, the hike up to the hostel allowed us to breathe the... read more