GFIN Fall 2011, Spring 2012

Thanks to the smarts and diligence of the Executive Team Leaders of GFIN, we count the programming of Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 as a major success. During this time, the Liautaud Graduate Finance Interest Network presented:

  • Lee Kolodziej, Forrest Schneider and D. Ben Flynn at the 1st GFIN Alumni Panel (These favored alumni brought more than 60 years of finance experience to the delight of the 64 audience members)
  • Dr. John Binder, UIC's esteemed professor at his lecture on "Hoaxes, Scams and Fraud: Investing Yesterday and Today"
  • Fred McEwen of MetLife, and Willie Lindsey of Travelers Insurance at the 1st GFIN Insurance Industry Panel
  • Tim Colby, Professional Market Maker and Options Trader at the entertaining and informative Q&A session on How to Get into Investments
  • Launched the official GFIN website
  • Conducted the 2nd and 3rd GFIN Investment Portfolio Challenge
  • Grew the general membership by more than 65%
  • Co-sponsored social events with GMARK and the MBAA
Pictured: Arthur Anderson, Emil Barci, Lee Kolodziej, Michael Vanderkoon, Andrew McCoy, Dan Wysocki, Steve Draniczarek, Katherine Long, Forrest Schneider, Alan Leon, D. Ben Flynn at GFIN Alumni Panel.


Pictured: UIC Liautaud students listening to student organization leaders during Orientation.


Pictured: Tim Colby, Guest speaker at Professional Market Maker, Options Trader Event.


Pictured: Maggie Wang, Jie Shen, Milton Zhinin, Alan Leon at GFIN/Gmark Social.


Pictured: GFIN & GMARK General Membership at GFIN/GMARK Social.


Pictured: GFIN General Membership at GFIN Fall Social.