Points for Professional Development at UIC Business

The faculty of the Professional Development Program at UIC Business are here to support all UIC students, whatever their area of specialization. We offer the soft skills that help them stand out among professionals in their fields. Self-awareness, self-control, the ability to work in a team; these elements of professionalism raise students above their peers both in job searches and in the workforce. Our BA 100 and BA 220 Professional Development classes are required for freshmen and sophomores... read more

Latino Association of Business Students Hosts Deloitte

The Latino Association of Business Students (LABS) at UIC Business recently hosted representatives from Deloitte. After the event, LABS member Daisy Espinoza and LABS VP Leticia Esparza took a moment to share their LABS experience with the Business blog. What were your paths to LABS at UIC Business? DE: I’m from the Chicago area. At my previous college, I wasn’t focused on business. But someone there introduced me to the campus accounting club, and it sparked an interest. From that point on, my... read more

UIC Business Scholars Win Start Internships with PwC

After several rounds of interviews, UIC Business Scholars Keenan Jeffrey Artis and Yaritza Velasquez have been awarded PricewaterhouseCoopers Start internships. The Start internship is a three year program; Artis’ and Velasquez’ work for PwC will begin in Summer 2016 and continue through the following two summers. Artis and Velasquez, both freshman at UIC Business, and both double majors in Accounting and IDS, came to the Start internship from very different backgrounds. Velasquez, a graduate of... read more

Meet the Firms with the UIC Business Accounting Club

Each September, the UIC Business Accounting Club invites students and recent graduates of UIC to Meet the Firms, an opportunity to gain an introduction to Chicago’s professional accounting community and to learn about work opportunities in the field. On last Monday, September 21, students and recent alumni spent the afternoon in the Illinois Rooms of Student Center East with over 30 firms from the Chicagoland area, including the Big Four: Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.... read more

Taxes on Scholarships and Grants? That’s Right, Your Scholarships and Grants Are Not Tax-Free

Did you get a scholarship or grant this past year? Did you receive a refund deposited to your bank account after all tuition and fees were paid? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should keep reading. Actually, you should keep reading regardless because this is good knowledge to have about taxes, scholarships and grants, and reporting it to the IRS. I did not find out I had to pay taxes on scholarships and grants until after April 15 last year. I had to pay a late penalty... read more

Alumni Success Story: Sonja Brisard, '94 Accounting

Sonja Brisard earned a BS in Accounting from the UIC College of Business Administration and began her career as an associate in the Financial Management Development Program of Navistar, a Fortune 500 company. After successfully completing the development program, she rose through the ranks of Navistar as a financial analyst, a senior financial analyst, finance manager, and director. But when the opportunity came to be her own boss, Sonja took the leap and became a business owner at BookKeeping... read more

2014 Business Alumni Association Graduation Party

Dear Graduating seniors:   Each year the Business Alumni Association throws a party in your honor. This is a great opportunity to say celebrate your achievements! Join several hundred of your classmates and fellow alumni as we honor your hard work toward graduation and introduce you to the Business Alumni Association and how you can remain involved as graduates. This is a free event, but you do need to RSVP  by Monday, May 12. Follow the link for a quick registration. We hope to see you all... read more

Alumni Success Story: Eugene Fula

Eugene Fula, BS - Accounting '13, MS - Accounting '14   Where is your hometown? I moved around a lot when I was little, but I have lived in Orland Park the longest. So, I would consider Orland Park as my hometown. Why did you choose UIC? I didn't want to move too far from home, and really liked that UIC was in the city. As a potential business student, I knew that this could help me out. I didn't know much more about UIC than that, but I talked to a few of my friends that went to the school... read more

Student Success Stories: Luis Alberto Vargas

  Luis Alberto Vargas Class of: 2014 Major: Accounting Company: KPMG Position Title: Audit Intern  How did you obtain your current position? I used the resources provided by the UIC Business Career Center, such as the          UICCareers website and job fair that was held in the spring semester. Through the job fair I was able to meet my recruiter, who encouraged me to apply through the UICCareers and KPMG website. Describe what you will be doing in your new positions? At KPMG, I will be an... read more

On the Path to Success: Holly Sang Ah Lee

Name: Holly (SangAh) Lee     Class of: 2014 Major: Accounting       Email: Entry Level Position Company: Deloitte LLC Title of Position: Audit Assistant   Why did you chose your current position? As an accounting major, I knew I wanted to start my career at a Big Four firm.  This was not because of the general route, but because I knew working at a Big Four would be a tremendous experience that could open the door to numerous possibilities. Deloitte was my first choice because it... read more

If You Struggle With Scholarship Applications, Then Read This

Applying for a UIC Business Scholarship this spring? Did you attend the How to Write an Effective Scholarship workshop? If not, do not worry! Here is a recap: The first thing to know, there are two different scholarships that you can apply for: Accounting Scholarships and General Business Scholarships. Follow this link to find the CBA Scholarship Application: If you are an accounting major, email for the accounting scholarship... read more

Walk in with Confidence, Walk out with a Job at Meet the Firms

How to be successful at a job fair, well luckily, it is not rocket science and a fairly easy thing to do. All you need is a little bit of confidence, a sense of who you are, a thorough understanding of your resume (you wrote it so you should know it), and the ability to talk to an employer. So how do you build all these skills? Well, the best way is to practice whenever and wherever. Firm recruiters are normal people that work for a normal company. Recruiters are no different than the people we... read more

BSA Candidate Shirley Paredes Awarded Illinois CPA Society Scholarship

As classes get underway for the 2015-16 school year, UIC Business students get to work both on their studies and on a variety of involvements at UIC and in the Chicago business community. Last Thursday, we caught up with Shirley Paredes, an undergraduate student in the accounting department. Shirley was recently awarded the ICPAS Accounting Scholarship, which is funded by donations made to the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois, the society’s charitable partner. The CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois... read more

Be Effective When You Study!

Now that the semester is coming to an end, many of us are gauging our success in our classes. We all want to know how that final is going to help or hurt us. So we sleep little, eat the worst food, and become an emotional mess once when the lovely week of finals comes by. Last semester, however, has taught me an invaluable lesson about studying and time management that actually has allowed me to not feel those terrible symptoms of "end of the semester disease" this semester.  1. I stopped... read more

Don't Snooze on Your Fall 2014 Registration!

The semester is almost over, and we all know that it is now time to register for your Fall 2014 classes! Scheduling for the next semester can be exciting, but it may also be a tad bit overwhelming. This is why today, I have compiled some useful tips for you to help create a schedule that works best for you!  
  • Make an appointment with your adviser. Many of us have already made our appointments with our adviser, but if you haven’t done so yet, then this is the first thing you should do!  Academic...
read more

On the Path to Success: Nikesh Shah

Name: Nikesh Shah Class of : 2015 Major: Accounting Internship Position Deloitte & Touche LLP Audit Internship     Why did you choose your current position? I am very ambitious and I think about the future more than I should. I often think about life after college, where I will stay, which car I will drive and most importantly what I will be doing in my career. For a while now, I have been reflecting about which area in accounting I should pursue and after talking with some fellow accountants I... read more

Deloitte Women's Leadership Seminar

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I have blogged, and now that second semester is here, there are so many wonderful things in store, and I am excited to blog about everything I experience as this semester progresses! Today, I am going to tell you all about my experience at the 5th Annual Women’s Leadership Seminar at Deloitte which took place on January 17. To begin with, this was a very fun and informative event where I was able to network with my peers from different universities,... read more

How to Choose a Major

Are you looking to study business at UIC, but still haven’t decided on a major? Fear Not! UIC’s College of Business Administration has six exceptional majors you can choose from. These majors include Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Information and Decision Sciences. Many students who apply to the College of Business Administration either have a clear vision on what career path they would like to pursue, or they are not entirely sure. If you fall into the... read more