Hearty Breakfast Buffet served by MSAA at Lincoln Park Community Shelter

Blog Content Contributor: MSAA VP-Event Coordinator, Danni Zheng

On a clear Sunday morning of the Chicago Marathon day, the weather was pretty nice, with cool breezes anticipating Fall. Our MSAA volunteer group got up super early and went to the Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS) to prepare a healthy and hearty breakfast buffet for the shelter guests. This was MSAA’s first volunteering event in this Fall semester.

Although we had some troubles with the transportation due to the bus rerouting for the Marathon, surprisingly most of our volunteers arrived at the site on time. Everyone was really supportive and we started to cook and arrange as soon as the groceries arrived.

While the shelter residents were patiently waiting for the breakfast, our volunteers were busy preparing in the kitchen: Chufan and Huizhang fried the bacon; Chen Chen, Haohao, Archie and Danni heated up the hotdogs, washed the fruits, and set up the table and utensils.


After around half an hour of work, the shelter guests started to enjoy our hot breakfast buffet. Here’s what we provided: muffins, bread, cupcakes, hash brown, hot dogs, cereal, bacon, milk, coffee and fruit! The residents loved our cafe-style breakfast, and they even shared with us their compliments: ”We love that you provided us a little of everything! It’s great that we can choose different things that we want!”

We are really happy that LPCS guests appreciated our breakfast preparation, and we are also glad to see that out volunteers had a great time cooking together, talking and sharing the recent updates of study and life during the event. It was a wonderful start for a beautiful Sunday morning!

Once again, we would like to express our thankfulness to our lovely MSAA volunteers: Archie Masawi, Chen Chen, Haohao Li, Danni Zheng, Chufan Lin, Huizhang Zhou.

Special thanks to grocery helpers Chufan Lin, Huizhang Zhou.

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