The Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) is pleased to announce that Jenny Hoobler of the Managerial Studies Department will serve as Co-Director of CHRM.  CHRM conducts applied research projects and provides the HR field with access to timely information, innovative research, and solutions to pressing human capital challenges.  Jenny and Sandy Wayne, Co-Director of CHRM (Managerial Studies Department), will work together to grow the number of corporate partners and increase the impact of CHRM on the HR field. Jenny M. Hoobler (Ph.D., University of Kentucky) is Associate Professor of Management at UIC, where she has been on faculty for 7 years.  Broadly, her research interests are in the areas of gender and diversity in the workplace, leadership behaviors, and work and family.   She spent the 2011-2012 academic year on a Fulbright research award, studying women’s representation in leadership positions in South African corporations.  Four of her research projects have been funded by CHRM in the past, on topics such as work engagement, and the impact of electronic interruptions on work and family outcomes.

IDS Professor Matthew Liotine presented his paper entitled “Regional Public-Private Interoperable Communications for Catastrophic Events using Cloud Computing” at the 2013 International Disaster Conference and Expo held in New Orleans last week. The paper focused on using cloud computing capabilities to orchestrate supply chain activities in real time during critical events. Other speakers included former Governor and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

Dale Rosenthal, assistant professor of finance, presented his paper “Market Structure, Counterparty Risk, and Systemic Risk” at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on December 18 and his paper “Transaction Taxes in a Price Maker/Taker Market” at the Auckland Finance Meeting on December 20.

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