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UIC Business Welcomes Rosio Diaz

UIC Business welcomes our new academic adviser, Rosio Diaz. Rosio is excited to provide her insight as she helps students achieve their academic goals. Rosio is a Chicago native and UIC alumna part of the class of 2013. We sat down with Rosio for a chat about her background and what led her to UIC Business:     Do you have any favorite Chicago activities or places? I love walking down Michigan Avenue during Christmas time and seeing all the lit up trees and decorations. I’m also a big fan of all... read more

University Library’s Research Guides & Databases: A Gold Mine Hiding in Plain Sight

Unbeknownst to some, all UIC students have access to the treasure trove of information that is the collection of databases accessible through the UIC Library portal. Every student has access to 634 databases, over 60,000 journals, and more. Consumer and industry data across a wide variety of topics are just a few clicks away. Supplement your coursework with in-depth, real world market data. Or perhaps you are a budding entrepreneur looking to validate a product concept. In either cases, there... read more

An Entrepreneur with Taste

UIC Business alumnus details his success in the food and liquor industry Happenstance is how entrepreneur Pankaj “PK” Garg MBA ’90 describes his entry into the food and beverage industry. “It was an epiphany that came to me 35,000 feet in the air,” says Garg, founder of SōmruS, a premium spirits company founded in 2012. “I had just enjoyed an Eastern-inspired meal while traveling from India to the U.S. It was followed by a delectable Indian dessert called ras malai. I still needed my nightcap,... read more

Introducing UIC Business Advisor Timothy Nemec

Timothy “Tim” Nemec has recently joined the UIC Business family. Working as an adviser, Tim is excited to help students achieve their academic goals. We caught up with the Chicago-area native as he gets settled into his new position:   Favorite Chicago Activities/Places: I love going outside of my comfort zone as often as possible! I enjoy taking Architecture tours of the city, exploring the museums and visiting as many neighborhoods as I can! I also perform and write stand-up comedy, so I like... read more

UIC Business Students Win 2nd Place in Deloitte FanTAXtic Case Competition

After winning first place in the Deloitte FanTAXtic Regional Competition, Nabeeha Bakhrani ’21, Giselle Downs ’20, Michal Kornecki ’21 finished in second place at the National Case Competition at Deloitte University in Dallas, Texas last month, defeating teams from University of Utah, Texas A&M, University of Nebraska, University of Northern Iowa, Syracuse University, Fordham University and North Carolina State University. This year was the first time UIC was invited to compete and this team has... read more

Making Black History at UIC: Dr. Benet DeBerry-Spence

  As Black History Month comes to a close, UIC Business would like to highlight one of our own Black History makers, Dr. Benet DeBerry-Spence, Professor and Department Head of Managerial Studies, the first African American department head and first African American tenured professor in the UIC College of Business. Chicago born and raised, Professor DeBerry-Spence stayed local in her pursuit of higher education. She attended the University of Notre Dame for undergrad, the University of Chicago... read more

An Insight into the Real World: How the UIC Business Scholars Program is Preparing Students for the Future

In 2013, the UIC Business Scholars program was founded with the goal of providing leadership and professional development within the UIC Business curriculum for high-achieving high school students. The 2018 President of the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars (CABS), Ehlimana Gutošić, gives an insider’s perspective on what it is like to be a part of such a supportive program, full of like-minded students with similar dreams of success. She mentions that one of the biggest highlights of... read more

UIC Business Black History Month Spotlight: Brittany Barton

Recent graduate Brittany Barton (Master of Science in Marketing ’18) is not your typical business student. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Psychology and Spanish from Loyola University New Orleans, the Baton Rouge native started her career in education - primarily in education and training field within the nonprofit sector. “I kind of just fell into this work,” she recollects. Her introduction into the industry started through working with Autistic children and... read more

Curbing the Crisis: Professor Kyle Cheek on the Opioid Epidemic

The recent headlines surrounding the nation’s opioid crisis begs the question, “How is this epidemic happening, when many of these drugs are prescribed?” The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that anywhere from 21% to 29% of prescription opioids are misused. They also hold that the total economic burden of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice... read more

American Marketing Association at University of Illinois at Chicago Visits PepsiCo

Zainub Ghias is a fourth-year UIC Business Ambassador pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Business Analytics minor. In the summer of 2018, Zainub was a Business and Entrepreneurship intern at the Golden Corridor Makerspace and William Rainey Harper College. She currently works as a Communication Aide with the Physics Department and General Office Aide with Biology Department at UIC. She also serves as the Secretary of the American Marketing Association and Vice Chair of Marketing... read more

QuanTâm by Team Chaplin Shows that Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Team Chaplin is a name business professors and students have heard throughout the last few years. The team is led by Professor Lan Nguyen Chaplin, who was selected by Poets & Quants (the most read news website on business programs with 100 million visitors) as one of the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors. Professor Chaplin selects students to join the high-performing team, as well as who can come back next semester. Her selection criteria includes professionalism, resiliency, strong work... read more

Encouraging Words for Finals Week from UIC Business Faculty

UIC finals week is fast approaching (as if you needed a reminder)! If you ask a college student what are some of their busiest moments as a scholar, many will say “finals week.” Millions of students across the country are preparing for their upcoming final exams, projects, and presentations. While finals time is a student’s opportunity to step up and demonstrate the wealth of knowledge they’ve attained over the semester, it can also lead to high levels of stress. According to NBC News, four in... read more

Doing Good with Deloitte

UIC Business Scholar and senior year Accounting and IDS double major, Patrick Klimek is a young professional who is making a difference. His summer experience as a 2018 Deloitte Tax intern afforded him an opportunity to give back to young students in need. It all started with Patrick securing an internship with Deloitte, one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world. Patrick discussed how he landed his internship: “As a Business... read more

MBA Student Carley Mostar Secures Funding for her Community

Carley Mostar, MBA ’19, cares about her community and it shows. This summer, Carley was selected as a finalist in the Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3) for two proposed neighborhood improvement initiatives. The challenge invites students worldwide to partner with organizations to design projects that address critical needs of their community. Carley first heard about Ford C3 through her involvement in the UIC Business chapter of Net Impact, a nonprofit membership organization for... read more

Doing Business in France: Pete's European Adventure

The “Doing Business in Europe” program offered to UIC Business graduate students is a fantastic opportunity to learn about international business while immersed in a different cultural environment. This four-week course, taught at the ESC Normandy School of Business, offers students the opportunity to visit local businesses and study major aspects of European business culture. Students that take part in this program can earn up to six credit hours toward their MBA.   The UIC Business MBA program... read more

From Vision to Value: Matt Gorniak, a UIC Venture

Matt Gorniak’s career is a testament to the new American dream. At 17, Matt immigrated to the United States with no network or connections and is now the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of G2 Crowd, one of Chicago’s fastest growing tech companies. After earning his MBA (’02) from UIC, Matt sought a career filled with self-starters like himself, leading him to the technology industry. “I was looking for a high-growth opportunity where I could compete on a level playing field.” Matt’s... read more

First Day Recap: Accepting the Challenge of MKTG 461

Tyler Benavides, Laura Nicolescu, Gladstone Hukporti, Samantha Payne, Kimberly Lazzara On August 28, I stood outside of Professor Lan Nguyen Chaplin’s classroom with eight other Consumer Behavior (MTG 461) alumni, awaiting to deliver the student-led first day of class presentation. The buzz of excitement was apparent in all of us. Professor Chaplin handpicks former students to deliver this special presentation every year. This presentation is specifically tailored for new Consumer Behavior... read more

Sarah Siderius Gets the Job Done at Google

Ranked third on the Forbes: Best American Employers list, Google is one of the most recognized companies on the planet. While most know the company as a high-powered Internet search engine, many are unaware of its philanthropic arm, Google.org. Many people could only dream of working with the tech powerhouse that is Google, but graduate student Sarah Siderius, who is working toward completing her MBA in the spring of 2019, had the unique experience of working as a contractor for Google.org.... read more

Finance Students "Seize the Opportunity of a Lifetime" at Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp

UIC Business caught up with Finance majors Nicolas Robledo ’20 and Edgar Avalos ’20 to discuss their experience at Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp and how they will leverage their learnings in their careers. What is the Goldman Sachs undergraduate camp? What did it consist of? Edgar: It is a three day series of networking opportunities in Dallas, Texas connecting students from all over the country with Goldman Sachs employees. We had the opportunity to attend a series of presentations given by... read more

Professor Turns to UIC Students for Research Aid

In the second semester of the 2017-18 academic year, Robert Chirinko, Professor of Finance, took sabbatical leave to further his research on the Puerto Rican debt crisis and other research projects. Between January and March, he was a visitor at the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. He continued working on his research projects at the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance in Rome from March until June. The Puerto Rican research was a continuation of a paper he started to... read more