INFORMS Alumni Meet and Greet Bowling Event

On September 7, INFORMS hosted an Alumni Meet and Greet Bowling event in UIC Student Center East. This fall's first year students were eagerly waiting to connect with the alumni. The event was hosted by Nitin Agrawal, who welcomed the alumni and asked them to give some tips to the juniors.

The event started with alumna Shuchi Rana taking the stage. She recommended taking Professor Ranganathan’s and Professor Siddhartha Bhattacharyya’s courses. After her, Nikita Rath (May 2013 graduate) highlighted that MIS course at UIC are flexible enough to train you for your dream job. She recommended taking advantage of the various opportunities in UIC and Chicago. Neha Doshi encouraged juniors to take client-facing project, which will immensely help them. In the end Vishnu, reiterated the importance of networking at social and educational events.

The alumni asked the juniors to introduce themselves to break the ice. Alumni reminded juniors to go explore Chicago and have fun this year, and juniors cheekily asked the seniors to tell them where to have the fun!

Conversations continued in the bowling center where hot pizzas and sodas were waiting. It was nostalgic for the alumni to come and bowl again in the center. Juniors approached the alumni and asked for advice on individual problems. The atmosphere was electric when Professor Sid Bhattacharya joined the meeting and alumni were excited as students to exchange pleasantries with him. Teams were made and everyone enjoyed bowling the rest of the afternoon. It was a perfect Saturday evening filled with new friends, great bowling games, and awesome pizzas. INFORMS is grateful to the UIC alumni and Prof Sid for making this event a huge success. To view the event album, check the INFORMS Facebook page.

The UIC Chapter of INFORMS looks forward to hosting other social events this year!


Blog Post Contributor: Surabhi Agrawal, 2015 MS-MIS Candidate