The Admissions Advantage

First Day of Tech Ventures

On Tuesday, I attended my first lecture in the three-semester course called Tech Ventures. My first impressions are as follows:
  • This class will be truly inspiring. While the first semester of class is mostly theory and background infomation on new "hi-tech" ventures, the next two semesters are spent doing something truly real: Real in the sense that you are constructing a real business plan that could really work and really become a company.
  • With that being said, not all of the student run...
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Thoughts as Fall Admissions Come to a Close

The admission deadline for Fall 2012 is today! All applications must be complete and submitted, along with a $60 application fee, tonight by 11:59 PM central time. Any supplemental documents can be submitted up to two weeks after the deadline (this includes official GMAT scores, transcript, and letters of recommendation). So for all of you that have already submitted your applications, or are ready and planning to do so by tonight, congratulations! If you have not started your application at... read more

Undergraduate Majors and Your MBA

One of the most frequently asked questions that is fielded by the admissions team at UIC Liautaud is whether an applicant needs to have an undergraduate major in business or extensive on-the-job business knowledge. Our standard response to this question is...NO! In fact, we encourage people with varied backgrounds and interests to apply for and complete their MBA. The current student body at the school is comprised of some undergraduate business majors, but also many students who studied liberal... read more