Meet the Fall 2010 incoming class.. Here are some interesting facts!


I would like to introduce the Fall 2010 Liautaud Graduate School of Business incoming class. We welcomed students into the MBA, MSA, MS-MIS and MRE programs from 4 continents, who hold undergraduate degrees from more than 80 universities, the average age is 28, and for the first time ever the male/female ratio is 50/50!

The UIC Liautaud MBA class has an average of 5 years of work experience, an average GMAT of 600, 42% have UG degrees in business, 34% are LAS undergrads, 15% engineering and 9% have a medical undergraduate background.   45% of the graduate students plan to attend on a full time basis, 55% are continuing to work and attend classes on a part time basis.


This is a diverse group with varying interests that will prove to make your classroom experience unique – among the incoming students are entrepreneurs who have already founded their own businesses, marathon runners, military personnel, more than one  gymnast, an FBI intern, teachers, world travelers, joint degree students pursuing MD’s as well as Nursing degrees, Fulbright scholars, a few skydivers, and someone who has worked in film and TV shows.


However, when putting this list of interests together, one thing really stood out for the Liautaud staff and that was the number of students who devote their time volunteering and giving back to the community. This fall the Liautaud Graduate School of Business has introduced 4 new courses that focus on social value creation and we were so thrilled to see that we have an incoming class who will really embrace this new initiative.


I welcome this truly exceptional group of people and I look forward to getting to know many of you this year!