MIS Program

Soft Skills Make the Difference

In a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, it was reported that a growing number of employers are expecting to hire more business school graduates. Compared to five years ago, in 2009, the number of employers expecting to hire business school graduates has climbed by 30%! While this is certainly good news for those preparing for life after business school, the article also mentions what employers are really looking for when they're searching for that perfect candidate. Many of us... read more

2014 InKIND Training

The University of Illinois at Chicago Liautaud Graduate School of Business student-led non-profit consulting program, InKIND, which is being sponsored by the MBA Association, kicked off its 3rd year this semester. Select groups of students will work in teams with a non-profit on a given issue to better understand and help solve a strategic issue or growth opportunity at the non-profit. On the last Saturday of September, MBA, MSA and MIS students participating in the InKIND non-profit consulting... read more

The Internship Experience: Parin Chopda, MS-MIS Candidate 2015 - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Parin Chopda Full-time MS-MIS 2015 Industry: Information Technology Undergraduate Degree In: Bachelors of Technology (Computer Science) Undergraduate School: Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University (Pune, India) Career Goal: To work as an Information Systems professional leveraging my technical knowledge and business analysis skills acquired through MIS curriculum, course projects and previous work experience.        How did you find your internship? I applied on... read more

The Internship Experience: Subramani Ramkumar, MIS Candidate 2014, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

  Subramani Ramkumar Full-time MS-MIS Candidate 2014 Field of Work: Healthcare IT Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate School: New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore, India Career Goal: To be an entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare IT.                                   How did you find your internship? I applied to the position listing on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association career portal. In a couple of weeks, I got a call from the HR associate asking... read more

Join the Graduate Marketing Association!

GMARK (Graduate Marketing Association) is committed to providing opportunities for Liautuad students to network professionally and develop marketing skills. GMARK is excited about the various social, professional development, and volunteer events that it will be offering to Liautaud students this year. There is no membership fee to join the organization and members do not have to be marketing students. Marketing is a broad term; however, it is important for all students to learn how to ... read more

Get Involved With the MBA Association

On behalf of the UIC MBA Association, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Liautaud Graduate School of Business! The MBA Association is committed to enhancing the MBA experience for our members. Our goals revolve around: 
  • Providing opportunities for students to grow their network, both within UIC Liautaud and with the Chicago business community
  • Providing community service opportunities
  • Providing professional development opportunities 
We have some fun events planned this semester. To see the... read more

Get Involved With the UIC Liautaud Women's Network!

Liautaud Women's Network is starting our second year as a club on campus.  We inspire, support and connect women, helping them define and reach their career goals.  For the 2014 school year, we have planned monthly meet-and-greet coffee gatherings as well as other networking events off campus.  In the fall semester, we are gathering a panel of experts on how successful women promote themselves on the job.  If you would like to be more involved, we are always looking for volunteers to help... read more

Books? Check. Pens and Pencils? Check. Now What?

You've registered for classes. You've started counting down the days until August 25th. You've even updated your LinkedIn profile with your new graduate school endeavor. Now what? Let me introduce you to... The Top Five Things To Do Before Classes Start 1. Get your UIC i-card. Your UIC i-card is your official University ID card. What's great about the i-card is it gives you access to various services and facilities on campus. If access around campus isn't extremely important to you, remember you... read more

Inspired & Transformed: Alumni Success Stories Panel Event on July 10

Learn what a UIC Liautaud degree has meant for a panel of alumni - and what it could mean for you! Join us on July 10 for this exclusive event and hear from alumni from three master's programs (MBA, MSA, MIS) as they share their stories of how UIC Liautaud changed their career direction and/or its trajectory. Whether you are looking to change your career by switching industries or you are hoping to accelerate your current career path, hear from those who have had similar experiences. Current and... read more

Spring 2014 CRIM Student Projects Expo

Earlier this month the IDS Department in conjunction with the Center for Research in Information Management (CRIM) brought the best and the brightest students together to showcase their work and problem solving skills. Throughout the semester teams of students, both undergraduate and graduate, worked to solve real-world business problems facing Chicagoland companies. After diligently working to solve these Management Information System problems, each student group showcased their solutions to... read more

Student Spotlight: Swati Iyer, MIS Candidate 2014

    Swati Iyer Full-time MIS Candidate 2014   Industry/Field of work: Advisory Services Risk Practice   Undergraduate Degree: Computer Engineering    Undergraduate School: Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai University   Organizations involved with: ISACA, INFORMS     Tell us about your personal and professional background. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, and I decided to immediately pursue my master's degree in MIS after graduation. Studying in a... read more

Fall 2014 Two-Credit Hour Liautaud Courses

This fall 2014 semester the Liautaud program is offering several unique two-credit course options.  What makes these courses unique is that they are short courses that only last eight weeks out of the semester and they focus on developing professional skills that will assist in launching and developing a successful career.  Topics taught include project management, web analytics, and improvisation & leadership to name a few. MBA 500:  Corporate Strategy Section 1:  Monday, 8/25-10-13. ... read more

On the Path to Success: Swati Iyer

Name: Swati Iyer Class of: 2014 Masters in Management Information Systems Full-time position Company: Ernst & Young Title of Position: Staff-Advisory Services Risk Practice Why did you choose your current position? It has always been my dream to work for a company like Ernst & Young where I would have the opportunity to work with high-profile clients across various industries including banking, asset management and insurance. I love my new role and working with EY would add great value and... read more

Leo Burnett Company Visit with GMARK

                                                 Interested in advertising? This Wednesday, March 12, GMARK (UIC Graduate Marketing Association) will be visiting Leo Burnett, located at 35 West Wacker Drive. Catherine Yi, UIC alumni and Content Manager on the P&G account at Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide, will be hosting the GMARK tour. Join us as we learn more about the field of advertising and the various departments at Leo Burnett. Also, Leo Burnett's internship application is due March 31; get... read more

A possible alternative to MBA 590 w/ Professor Michael Popowits

Since my first semester at UIC, I have heard nothing, but good things about Professor Michael Popowits' Improv and Leadership course. While I consider myself a somewhat outgoing person depending on the occasion, I knew that taking Improv and Leadership would only help me in increasing my level of comfort in dealing with social, and most importantly professional networking, situations.   Going into my second semester, I wanted to make it a point to add MBA 590, Improv and Leadership, to my Spring... read more

What are you waiting for?

  If you are looking for an argument about why you should be on LinkedIn, you won’t get it here. I assume that if you are a student in the UIC College of Business Administration or in the Liautaud Graduate School of Business, that you are indeed interested in a job when you finish your degree. If this is not the case, stop reading now. For those that are still with me, join LinkedIn now. OK, now that everyone that is interested in working is on LinkedIn, let’s talk about a few ideas on how to... read more

Spring Registration is Looming! Academic Open House This Wednesday

  Spring 2014 Registration for UIC Liautaud students begins Monday, November 4. As it is almost time to select your courses for the upcoming semester, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some helpful information to consider as you figure out what to take in the spring.     **************************************************************************************************************** ATTEND OUR ACADEMIC OPEN HOUSE THIS WEDNESDAY UIC Liautaud will host an Academic Open House this Wednesday,... read more

Only at UIC Liautaud: Bloomberg Hands-on Training - October 23

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get hands-on training directly from Bloomberg LP representatives, Eric Schwartz and John Fox who operate out of the New York-based Core Analytics group. They will be on campus in Douglas Hall 170 for two 1-hour sessions to train students on the following: - Introduction to terminal navigation, finding tickers, and communication - News & the Economy - which numbers do we watch, how to stay informed! - Overview of Equity research and company analysis,... read more

AdKnowledge Information Session with INFORMS

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 - Ben Legg, CEO and Rebecca Reese, VP of HR of AdKnowledge, held an information session in UIC Douglas Hall for interested students. Desks were filled with green bags and goodies from AdKnowledge. Ben Legg started the session to a room overfilled with participants by giving an insight into the work that is done at AdKnowledge. It was interesting to know the different strategies and methods used by them in the digital marketing world. Some case studies about their clients... read more

Register for a Professional Development Course Today!

CURRENT STUDENTS: UIC Liautaud is offering experimental two-credit professional development courses this fall for ALL graduate students (MBA, MSA, and MS-MIS programs). These courses are designed to prepare students to successfully navigate the transition to a new professional opportunity, and they are most valuable early in a student's experience at UIC Liautaud.  Deadline to register for MBA 590 courses is October 25. Contact Liautaud Student Services to register or for more information on any... read more