Life as a Current Student Webinar this Wednesday! coming Wednesday, February 5th, UIC Liautaud will have a webinar about what life is like as an MBA student.  I will be moderating the discussion.  As I prepare for the event with my colleagues I realize just how quickly and significantly my life has changed over the past few months as I made the decision to pursue my MBA full-time.  In as much as life as an MBA will change you, challenge your perspectives and push you toward new success; getting to business school is its own journey.  It was not long ago that I was in your shoes, deciding if this was the time for me to go back to business school.  It was a very exciting, and albeit, a little stressful time.  Everything worked out better than I could have ever hoped for.  Receiving my acceptance into the UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business, interviewing and being offered a Graduate Assistantship, and ultimately starting classes have all been very rewarding experiences. 

I enthusiastically believe being a graduate business student is one of the most worthwhile endeavors and greatest investments you can make in yourself.  Balancing time between classes, work, student organizations as well as networking opportunities is challenging – but well worth the effort.  Looking back at how much I and my classmates have grown professionally and personally since starting at UIC Liautaud just a few months ago, I’m very excited to see what these next semesters bring. 

I invite you to attend our webinar on Wednesday and hear from some of my colleagues as well as myself about our experience thus far as Liautaud MBA candidates.  

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See you on Wednesday!