My Liautaud Experience ~ By Megan Sparks, MBA Graduate 2011

My Personal Liautaud Experience

Megan Sparks Graduation ~ May 7, 2011Throughout the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded my amazing professors, faculty members and students. 

You have expanded my perspectives and taught me to be a better student of life. I want to thank everyone in the UIC community and wish all the 2011 grads good luck in the future!

When reflecting on my Liautaud experience, here are a few of the highlights that have made my Liautaud Experience unforgettable.

Study Abroad Programs

Doing Business in Brazil ~ Summer 2010I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in both the Brazil and Europe Programs this past summer.  My adventures were not only new experiences geographically, they also taught me so much about different cultures and the challenges faced when conducting business internationally.  I walked away from both experiences able to fill up an entire resume with professional projects that I have been able to speak to in interviews.

 Brazil provided a great foundation of political structure as well as touching on the economic importance that the country currently possesses in the world. We were able to tour local businesses and speak with influential executives highly regarded in the Brazilian financial industry.  On a lighter note, I also learned that 1 caipirinha is enough to last an entire night!

The Know Europe Program provided an amazing opportunity to travel throughout Europe while developing an international marketing plan around a domestic product.  We were faced with the challenges of market research, developing a budget, executing promotional strategies and organizing the logistics of product introduction.  I can’t recommend this program enough to any marketing majors! This is a great resume builder and traveling around Europe for the summer is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Student Organizations

UIC Liautaud Student ExperienceThe Liautaud experience also encompasses the ability to network with your fellow students.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as Vice President for the Graduate Marketing Association on campus.  Being able to organize panels with Chicago marketing executives allowed me to not only expand my personal network but also gain on the valuable insight each executive offered.  I was able to shape my desired career path and was put in touch with people who could help accomplish my goal. 

Along with the external networks Gmark provided, I was also able to internally network as we partnered with both GFIN and MBAA on several events.  There is no better experience than being able to work with your fellow students on both a casual and professional level!

Graduate Assistantship Opportunity

GMARK EventMy Liautaud experience also allowed me the opportunity to work as Graduate Assistant at the Liautaud Office in the Career Services Department.  Not only did the position help pay for tuition, it also allowed me the chance to work with students on a daily basis critiquing resumes.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by the Liautaud staff and greatly honored to represent the UIC community.  There are so many great people behind the Liautaud brand and I am lucky to have worked in the office! A special thanks goes out to John Karras for making my assistantship so rewarding!

Advice to Future Liautaud Students


GMARK Brand Management Panel
Take full advantage of the numerous resources that UIC has to offer. 
Not only will you walk away with a valuable degree but you will become
a part of the UIC family making lifelong friends. 

Every experience is what you make it! Surround yourself with intelligent and motivated people and the sky is the limit!