My Favorite Places to Study

The last day of class is at May 2, and since finals time is almost here I will share with you some of my favorite places to study! Finding a great place to study is as important as studying itself. When picking out a place to study, it is important to know whether you like to work in groups, or if you study better once you are alone.

Here are some of my top favorite places to study:

African American Cultural Center Library

Located on the second floor in Adams hall, the AACC is one of my favorite places to study because it is never too packed.  There are tables and chairs set up for students who need a quiet place to get some work done!

Burnham Hall Computer Lab

Need a computer? Burnham Hall's computer lab is located in the basement, and it is definitely one of my favorite places to study when I need to look at PowerPoint slides online!

Library of Health Sciences

I know, I know...a business major in The Library of Health Sciences?? This one may seem a tad bit out of place but the Library of Health and Sciences, located on West Campus, is designed for serious studying! There are many study rooms available for students—whether you like to study near a computer, or prefer to sitting at a cubicle to prevent distractions, you can find a place for yourself here! After 4pm there is tons of space available for studying and it is often empty AND quiet—perfect for doing homework, reviewing your notes, or even writing a blog post  (see what I did there?!).

Douglas Hall

I like Douglas Hall because of all the nice and cozy couches that offer peace and quiet when classes are in session—perfect for sitting down and just reviewing your notes. However, if you are looking for an actual place to study with a group, go to the study rooms. These study rooms are great because they are already equipped with white boards and markers, only to make studying easy for us all!

Rebecca Port Center Café in University Hall

When I need a quick lunch and some coffee the Rebecca Port Center Café in UH is one of my go to places to study! There are a variety of snack choices, so if you're one of those people who like to snack while studying, this place is definitely for you. Now, if you are in need of complete silence, then I would most probably go someplace quiet because the café does get a bit busy during lunch time. I like to come here with my friends if we have to study together because on the second floor, there are many booths that can accommodate you if you are looking to study in a group.

IDEA commons:

The IDEA Commons is no-brainer, and everyone is here for a common reason: to study. I like the IDEA commons because of the various study rooms available. Also, there are curtains you can draw near the little chairs and tables set up by the dry erase boards which you can use when studying in groups!

Okay. So empty classrooms may not be my first option, but I must say, there are often many unoccupied classrooms in every building, and work well as a study location. As long as the door is kept open and you are not disturbing another class, these rooms can make for fabulous quiet spots to get work done!