If You Struggle With Interviewing, Then Read This

I am sure that by now, we have all been told to apply for jobs and/or internships to help you get your feet wet in the real world! Along with applying for jobs/internships is the interview. Learning how to give a successful interview will be beneficial for each and every one of you because hopefully at some point in your life, you would like to have a good job, and nowadays one cannot get a good job without going through a lengthy interview process.

That is why for the past couple of weeks, I have been doing readings and research on how to be successful when giving an interview, so that when the time does comes, we can all be well prepared!

Here is what I learned:

Know the Position. When applying to a job/internship, it is always a good idea to know what the position entails. Knowing what is required of you will make it easier for you to answer questions about that particular job. This is why you should prepare your information beforehand. When preparing for an interview it is advised that you have two sets of information ready. One set should be solely about the Employer. This means that you should do some research on the business/organization, what its mission is, and what will be required during the position in which you are applying to. The second set of information that you should prepare is mainly about yourself!

Plan ahead. When giving the interview be prepared to answer common interview questions. Mentally answer questions about yourself—such as your main strength and weakness, your perception of your current position, the reason you’re seeking a new job, and your career goals. By planning out what you are going to say, you will be more confident in your interviews!

Know yourself. Some possible questions you may receive may be the famous “Tell me about yourself.” Now you may all wonder, HOW DO I ANSWER THIS QUESTION? From what I have learned, it is just simply important to give a brief rundown of yourself. This is where you can talk about your education, your previous job titles, and the skills you may have. Make sure to tailor all your previous experiences to the current position for which you are applying to!

Embrace your weaknesses. Another very common question may be “What is your weakness?” I know that this question can always be a tough one to answer since no one wants to admit they have weaknesses—but we have to remember that there is nothing wrong with being humble and admitting where you need improvement, yet stating that you would love to learn more and do better. This is where being self-confident, not arrogant comes in. Employers will appreciate the honesty in your answer, as well as the initiative you are willing to take to do better!

I hope that you all found this beneficial! Remember, when you are interviewing for that dream job, take a deep breath, put your best clothes and be confident. Don't forget to give yourself time to think before answering those tricky questions!