Finding a Job on Campus








Now that we are well into our semester and are used to the college environment, you might discover that you are feeling more independent and ready to make some extra cash.  I have gotten many questions from people when it comes to finding a job on campus; so today’s blog topic will be on how to do just that. Thanks to, finding a job on campus is extremely easy!  Just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Create a student  account : In order to create a student account, all you have to do is log into with your user name, which is your complete UIC e-mail address, and password. Once you have logged on, you will be able to find plenty of job listings on and off campus as well as full-time positions and internships!


2. Fill out important information about yourself: Now that you have created an account, click on the profile tab (located on the top of the page) and be sure to fill out all your personal, and academic information. This may include your name, address, GPA etc.


3. Upload You Resume: After you have completed filling out the information in your Profile, you are now ready to upload your resume! To do this, click on the Documents tab (located on the top next to Profile), and upload your latest resume. Make sure your resume is no more than a page.


4.Start Applying! After following the three simple steps above, you are now ready to start your job search! Click on the jobs tab and there you have it--a listing of all the jobs available on campus. The great thing about is that there are listings for every available position around campus and off campus, as well as internships and full-time jobs. If you qualify for Federal Work Study, then you have even more jobs available to you. You can use the "advanced search" option, to make your job search a bit easier.


I hope that with these four simple steps, you all now know where to look for on campus jobs! I feel that students who hold jobs while in college prove to be well-rounded individuals who can handle an array of tasks all at once. One helpful tip that I would give when looking for a part-time job is to look out for the amount of hours you are working. Be sure to manage your time wisely when working on campus, this is because you wouldn't want to fall behind on your classes (Fortunately, many employers on campus are very understanding when it comes to that).  Lastly, don’t forget to use the Business Career Center if you need help with building your resume and interviewing skills. Good luck with your job search!