Find the Positivity Within You, and Share it with the World!

A wise woman (my mother) once told me that the key to a happy life is a positive attitude! Being positive can be a struggle for some because we all know that every now and then, we tend to face difficult challenges, but nevertheless, one should still strive to see the positive in every aspect of life.

I know that being positive helps me be the person who I want to be, and frankly, all it takes is a little change in perspective! There are 3 important things I like to remind myself so that I can see the best in life. These 3 things include:

Finding positivity within myself: There is no one in the world that knows you better than yourself! So the first step to being positive is finding the positivity within you. To do this, why not praise yourself for all the great things you have done throughout your day—for example, tell yourself that you did a good job at school or work. Keep reminding yourself of how wonderful you are for doing what you do because by thinking about all the great things you have accomplished, you will definitely feel a lot happier! It is important to realize that life is unpredictable and there may be difficult situations you will have to deal with, and it’s up to you to choose how YOU feel. Ultimately, you are in control of your attitude, so go on, tell yourself “I can" more than "I can't.” Remember, everything can be put in a positive light, and it is up to you to make that happen! Be honest with yourself, but do your best to find good in the things you do. The bottom line is, whatever you do, focus things that bring out the positivity within you.

Getting rid of all the negative influences: Now, if you want to have a positive attitude, steer yourself away from all the things that make you unhappy—the negative influences. If there are people who are keeping you away from reaching your goals and are constantly putting you down, you can change that! Take a step back and look at the things that make you unhappy, and distance yourself from these things, and learn to say no to what you don’t want to do. Get rid of your negative behaviors, let go of those negative people, and try to find things that make you happy!


Sharing Positivity with others: Sharing the positivity within you can be the best feeling in the whole entire world! Why not let your true self shine, and be so happy that you make those around you happy? Be nice to people, no matter how hard your day has been because by doing so, you will automatically feel better about yourself. Share your positive energy with others, and tell everyone about the success you are having—odds are, they will be happy for you too! Don’t forget to keep your head high and to smile because smiles are like laughter—they are infectious!

So now that you know the secrets to positivity, let’s make it a habit to tell ourselves that today will be an amazing day. Chances are, it will be! Embrace the opportunities of the day and remember, positivity is like a magnet. The energy it creates will bring you great things. Have a wonderful day!