Collegiate Association of Business Scholars Welcomes New Officer

Following upon the great recruiting that happened last fall, the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars (CABS) has recruited fresh spring support to our Marketing Committee. Britney Scott, our new Marketing Officer, is a freshman Business Scholar and marketing major at UIC Business. She will support our blogging and content marketing across social media channels.

Britney came to UIC from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. “I came to UIC because students have such a large pool of resources in a city like Chicago, especially business students, considering the size and diversity of the business community here.” She says she feels energized by her interactions with the Business Scholars. “I’ve joined a group of peers who have such different backgrounds and such a wide variety of experience, matched by the variety of their personal goals and career aspirations. Students in the program are so motivated and so diverse; we’re all resources to each other, and push each other to do our best at UIC,” Scott says.  Britney’s own career aspirations are already well underway in her first year at UIC. She recently began an internship with the Swedish American Museum, where she’ll assist with marketing and operations.

“I wanted to start interning early on, in order to expose myself to different work environments. I began attending events hosted by the Business Career Center during my first semester,” she says. “I had my resumé reviewed by marketing executives, attended mock interviews with companies, and met with a career adviser before beginning the internship search.”

During her search, Scott kept two things in mind. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons, which was why I chose a nonprofit. I also wanted to develop my knowledge of the Swedish language. The Swedish American Museum stood out as an obvious choice. I researched the organization, and then contacted them directly and asked if they’d be willing to take on a marketing intern. We continued the interview process from there.”

The first piece of advice Britney would give to her peers is to take advantage of the Business Career Center. “Improving my resumé and practicing my professionalism were essential to preparing for the internship,” says Britney. “It was the preparation at the Career Center that gave me the confidence to put myself in unfamiliar territory.”

Britney aspires to work in the entertainment industry, particularly with music. “As a musician, music is central in my life, and will hopefully be central in my career. It’s been a goal since my junior year of high school, when I enrolled in a summer music business program at New York University.”

She says she hasn't yet found her niche. “I’m still exploring the facets of the industry. Right now I work on street teams for a few record labels, and recently led a Chicago-based street team for a music magazine. The work involves a lot of grassroots marketing and social media management. Through my study at UIC Business, I'll branch out from here.” 

CABS is a student organization that is composed of and supports the UIC Business Scholars.