Collegiate Association of Business Scholars hosts Peer Mentoring Event

Last Wednesday, the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars hosted a mid-semester check in event for the freshman Business Scholars at Jak’s Tap Restaurant. In the beginning of the year, each Freshman Scholar was paired with a Sophomore or Junior Scholar. The purpose of a peer mentoring program was to help each Freshman Scholar with their transition from high school to college. 

The objective for the peer mentoring check-in was ensure that freshmen had a smooth transition to UIC and any questions or concerns they have are resolved during the event. This event was also a great time for mentors and mentees to catch up, network with all the other Scholars, and listen to students with internship experiences about how they obtained their internships. Both mentors and mentees found this event to be extremely useful. I had the chance to interview mentee, Samrudhi Vagmare, and mentor, Lianne Ramahi, who were very enthusiastic about sharing their experiences at the event. Here is what the scholars had to say:


"It was extremely useful connecting with my peer mentor again. The CABS Peer Mentoring Committee laid out a very beneficial agenda for the event that allowed us to network using the space and resources provided, rather than have us remain seated the entire time. The roundtable discussions were extremely insightful as the upperclassmen and faculty informed us about internships, study abroad programs, and things specific to the Business Scholars. The event was an excellent opportunity not only to network outside our cohort, but also learn about the upcoming changes and how we can directly influence them to have a more positive experience in the Business Scholars Program."

(Samrudhi Vaghmare, Business Scholar Class of 2019)


 "I can confidently say I had both a lovely and enlightening experience. It was great to hear everyone's internship stories and find out more about what my peers are up to--especially when it comes to scholars that I might not necessarily get the chance to interact with otherwise. On top of the great pizza and well-organized, laid back event, I felt that I did have a chance to spend a little more time bonding with my mentee and answering any questions he might have had either about the program itself or how he can expand his own opportunities. Overall, I enjoyed the event and am excited for what else we'll be doing in the future."

(Lianne Ramahi, Business Scholar Class of 2018)

It is amazing to see the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars do great things for our cohorts. Ultimately, having a peer mentor can be very beneficial with navigating college, exploring resources on campus, assisting with academics and/or proffesional development, and expanding one's network. Peer mentorship within CABS is all about creating a genuine ongoing relationship for mutual development between both the mentor and mentee.