Mariya Amiwala

Bowling Together with the Business Scholars

                Last Wednesday, the UIC Business Scholars got together with our faculty mentors to discuss something other than business for change - anything but, really - as we bowled together at The Alley in UIC’s Student Center East. UIC Business students are matched with faculty mentors when they enter the Business Scholars program. Our faculty mentors advise our courses of study and help us network in our chosen industries.   Business Scholar Elizabeth Milaicki has two faculty mentors this... read more

Collegiate Association of Business Scholars Welcomes New Officer

Following upon the great recruiting that happened last fall, the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars (CABS) has recruited fresh spring support to our Marketing Committee. Britney Scott, our new Marketing Officer, is a freshman Business Scholar and marketing major at UIC Business. She will support our blogging and content marketing across social media channels. Britney came to UIC from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. “I came to UIC because students have such a large pool of... read more

A Marketing Major's Schedule

After taking my last final, I felt great to be done, but sad to see my time with professors come to an end. I had some great teachers this year. So today I'm writing to give others some idea of my coursework, but also to recognize the great teaching in those classes. And maybe for students following behind me, this can offer a better idea of courses to register for in upcoming semesters. As a marketing major with a concentration in communications and promotions, my courseload has been heavy, and... read more

Business Scholars Spotlight: Michael Martinez, Class of 2019

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Hello! My name is Michael Martinez, and I'm a UIC Business Scholar. I'm pursuing a dual-degree at UIC: a BS in finance from UIC Business and a BS in biological sciences. As a dual degree student, I'm very passionate about my studies, and I'm always trying to expand the scope of my education. I'm a member of three UIC programs: the President's Award Program, the UIC Business Scholars, and the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions for medicine (GPPA for... read more

Business Scholar Spotlight: William Perkins, Class of 2019

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is William (Bill) Perkins and I'm from Park Forest, Illinois. I graduated from Marian Catholic High School this last Spring. In high school, I played trombone, baritone and electric bass in the bands. I also launched a concert series my sophomore year that raised money for charities and important causes. In my free time, I ran my own booking agency, putting together concerts at local DIY venues. I was also very active in Boy Scouts, where I... read more

Marketing 461 Relay Fun!

                 (Professor Chaplin's Consumer Behavior Class) On October 22, my Consumer Behavior class had a unique opportunity to take part in team building exercises that would ultimately help us grow stronger as teams and prepare ourselves to get ready for the toughest part of the course, our semester long project: a final paper and presentation. One probably does not expect experiential activities to happen every day in your average classroom--so this day was even more special for the... read more

Collegiate Association of Business Scholars hosts Peer Mentoring Event

Last Wednesday, the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars hosted a mid-semester check in event for the freshman Business Scholars at Jak’s Tap Restaurant. In the beginning of the year, each Freshman Scholar was paired with a Sophomore or Junior Scholar. The purpose of a peer mentoring program was to help each Freshman Scholar with their transition from high school to college.  The objective for the peer mentoring check-in was ensure that freshmen had a smooth transition to UIC and... read more

Business Scholars Volunteer for the Chicago Marathon

  This Sunday on October 11, 2015, my fellow business scholars took part in volunteering for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Every year the Chicago Marathon attracts growing numbers. The event, owned by Bank of America, is one of the six World Marathon Majors alongside the Boston, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo Marathons. Each semester, the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars (CABS) organizes volunteering events so that the Business Scholars can give back to their community.... read more

Sign up for a Mock Interview Today!

The Business Career Center at UIC a great resource for all business students because they offer a variety of different services—one of my favorites being the mock interviews. A mock interview is a 30-minute session of an interview with a professional who at the end will provide you with constructive feedback on your performance. I recently went to my first mock interview and it was quite helpful because it allowed me to look at my strengths and weaknesses to ultimately improve my interviewing... read more

Celebrating 50 Years of UIC Business

On Friday September 25, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my very last Celebrating UIC Business dinner. This definitely was a bittersweet moment for me because it was my third and final year of attending the dinner as a student of the College of Business Administration. This year marked the 50th Anniversary of the college, and in its 50-year lifespan, the college has thrived to become a top-ranked business school with an international reputation.          . On this night, donors had the... read more

To all freshmen: Let’s talk about LinkedIn

                                    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Everyone! Today’s blog post will be all about LinkedIn and how LinkedIn can be a beneficial tool to use. As recent high school graduates, it is essential that you utilize this social media tool because it can help you network with those in your field, find jobs, and connect with important contacts for the future. You have to remember that LinkedIn is... read more

Reflecting on Your Goals

As your summer ends and the new semester begins, it is important to look back at your past semesters at UIC to see what you have accomplished.  I like to do this because it helps me focus on what I want to achieve next and where I see myself after the semester is over. Reflecting on what goals you have accomplished, or have yet to accomplish, is a great way to see where your progress lies and will hopefully allow you to establish a plan to achieve your new goals.  This activity also allows me to... read more

Tips for Finals!

Hello all. As we are all trying to prepare for our exams, here are some helpful tips for what to do before and during finals. I have found that these tricks have made significant results, and I hope they are as helpful to you, so you could get that grade and dive into winter break stress free!  Before the exam: Create a Study Group. One thing that I did a lot of this semester was that I studied with two or three friends because not only is there more brain power, but my friends and I all... read more

A Year Of Progress. Reflections of my Second Year at UIC

With my final year at UIC fast approaching (final because I’m planning to graduate a year early), I decided to stop and take a few moments to reflect on my second year within UIC Business. I wouldn't lie to you: it's been a year of ups and downs, but thankfully more ups than downs. Certainly, I feel like I'm in a good place right now, so I wanted to share a few of my highlights and the things I learned this year. My Major This year really gave me a better sense of direction as to what I want to... read more

Business Scholars Help to Feed Starving Children

 This Saturday, April 25, the Business Scholars volunteered to pack food packages for the organization, Feed My Starving Children. Feed My Starving Children is a nonprofit organization committed to feeding children around the world. FMSC receives hundreds of requests from orphanages and school feeding programs that get no support because of their small size and remote locations. They can’t afford the cost of buying food locally and getting money to pay for shipping food can’t even be a... read more

Business Scholars meet CEO of ULTA

On Wednesday April 2, my fellow business scholars and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the CEO of Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc., Mary Dillon. Mary Dillon was our guest speaker for the Spring Speakers series, and it was an absolute honor to hear her story, meet with her in person, and ask her questions. The presentation given by Dillon was interactive, and many students got the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation. The CEO began by giving a brief history of... read more

Informational Interviews

Are you someone who isn’t sure of what career path you would like to take? Do you have questions that only a professional in your field of interest can answer? Then why don’t you set up an informational interview? An informational interview is less stressful than an actual job interview, and can help you understand whether a certain profession will be right for you. This is because it presents opportunities for an inside view of a job field by allowing you to talk to a professional about their... read more

Online Classes: Pros? Cons?

Are you skeptical about taking your classes online? Are you interested in knowing what an online class entails? Well you have come to the right place! Today’s blog post will be all about the pros and cons of taking classes online. So if you already did not know, UIC offers several online classes each semester. Currently, I am taking 21 credit hours, and out of all those classes, my Marketing 360 class happens to be online. The reason why I chose to enroll in an online course was because I get to... read more

Giving back through Junior Achievement!

On Friday November 14, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a fifth grade class at Tonti Elementary School about free enterprise, the skills required for many jobs in the business world, and how people work in a global economy. I had a lot of fun with the students and the best part about this whole experience was knowing that I passed my knowledge to these students. I was extremely impressed with how excited each and every student was to participate in all the activities that were planned... read more

Finding a Peer Mentor

Have you ever wondered how you can seek out mentors on your college campus? Having a peer mentor to talk to was quite helpful when I had to make tough decisions about school, work, and life, and just knowing that I had someone there to guide me and listen to me gave me that motivation to do well. Some of the advantages of  having peers be your mentor is that only they can understand what it means to be a social media obsessed millennial in an ever-changing world.Your peers are often facing the... read more