Triumphs of a Transfer Student: Sophia Carteciano

Transferring to UIC is a unique experience for each student. Adjusting to a new environment, making friends, and mastering the curriculum requires patience and a great amount of determination. Sophia Carteciano came to UIC Business from Oakton Community College and began mapping her path toward academic success. After becoming a UIC Business Advancement Scholarship recipient, she expressed an interest in sharing the challenges and triumphs that came with her decision to transfer. Here is her story.

Tell us a little bit about your academic background.

This is my third year of college. I spent my first 2 years at Oakton Community College located in Des Plaines. 

What major did you select after transferring to UIC Business? Are you interested in a minor as well?

I am majoring in accounting. I have been thinking of minoring in Management Information Systems. 

Are you involved in any student organizations?

Currently, I plan on joining a few such as Beta Alpha Psi and the Accounting Club. 

What inspired you to choose UIC Business?

I chose UIC Business because of its location. It is close to home, as I am someone who gets homesick very easily. While doing my research, I found that UIC Business will prepare me for the future that I want. Having spent two semesters here at UIC, I realized that I made the right decision. 

Tell us about your academic journey. What challenges and triumphs have you encountered during the remote learning experience?  

The one thing that I struggled with the most during the fall semester was staying focused. I found myself not retaining information during the first few months. I struggled while studying for my midterms. I guessed that my usual learning style was not working, so I decided to switch it up. My one small triumph this past semester was adapting to the unfamiliar situation that I was in. It was rough, but I am proud of myself, and everyone else, for making it through. 

What advice do you have for current and prospective transfer students who may be concerned about adjusting to online learning at UIC Business? 

My advice is to figure out a learning style that works for you. Some of the classes will be asynchronous, and so you should figure out how to learn best from video lectures or PowerPoint slides, etc. It is better to figure it out early on how to establish a good study routine for the rest of the semester. But of course, this can always change. You must keep on adapting new methods to find the right one. Once you have a routine or learning style that works for you, the rest of the semester will be a smooth ride!   

What are you most looking forward to this semester? 

I really enjoy learning. Outside of school, I do not really do much besides reading books and playing video games. As I mentioned before, I plan on joining a few student organizations. I think I look forward to that the most because I will be able to connect with other students who are also majoring in accounting. Socializing with other students has been tough ever since classes got moved online, and so I really need it. 

What is your motto for 2021 and why? 

My motto for 2021 is “life goes on”. I chose this because it is a perfect fit for our current situation with COVID-19. Our lives have drastically changed ever since, but we persisted. Soon, 2022 will be upon us before we even know it, because, guess what? Life goes on. Until then, I will be making the most of 2021 by reading new books, watching new movies, and planning out my future. I am hopeful that the remainder of 2021 will be a good year.

With your level of optimism, we are confident that this year and the rest of your academic career will bring even more triumphs. Thank you, Sophia, for sharing your story and delivering a message of encouragement to all transfer students within the UIC community.