Exploring Business and Engineering at EngComm

Recently, UIC Business welcomed Chicago Hyperloop to its roster of student organizations, and members have been on a roll ever since. With a combined focus on business principles and technical perspectives, Chicago Hyperloop is recognized as a College of Engineering student organization as well. Members were presented with a special opportunity to compete in Concordia University’s Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (EngComm). EngComm fosters communication between engineering and commerce students by calling for solutions to real-world challenges that modern industries face. Sriman Poladi, Industrial Engineering major, represented Chicago Hyperloop during the competition and shared a few highlights of the experience.

Congratulations on Chicago Hyperloop being selected to participate in the EngComm! What special projects did members present throughout the competition?  

The purpose was to solve real world problems with an engineering and business mindset. We had 3 projects we had to present. The first project was creating a new military system for soldiers. The second project, we had to implement a new business plan for a co-workspace. For the third project, we had to upgrade the public transportation system for a city in Canada. 

Did Chicago Hyperloop overcome any obstacles throughout the competition? 

One of the obstacles was poor communication. In our preliminary competition, we created a slideshow presentation, but the judges preferred a business plan. When we presented a business plan for our second presentation, the judges said they wanted a slideshow. We would have liked more guidance to help us feel better prepared. 

What did members learn from this experience? 

We learned how to deliver presentations. As the competition continued, our scores increased. Another thing that we learned was collaboration. We had limited time, so it was a bit hectic to plan, but we were able to communicate effectively and manage it.  

What goals does Chicago Hyperloop have for the next Engineering and Commerce Case Competition? 

Now that we got our feet wet and realized what we to do, we can compete much better next time. As a first timer in the competition, we had a lot of questions, but now we have the answers. Every team member will attend UIC next year, so this experience was very helpful.  

Chicago Hyperloop is happy to hear from all students who are interested in business and engineering concepts. Feel free to connect with the organization on LinkedIn, Instagram, or by email.