UWN’s New Rebrand and Name Change to United Women’s Network

The formerly known Undergraduate Women’s Network has officially been renamed to United Women’s Network. UWN is expanding to create an inclusive membership open to undergraduate and graduate students seeking the opportunities that UWN creates on the UIC Campus.The United Women’s Network has seen immense growth and engagement as a business student organization that focuses on women’s empowerment and professional development for students across UIC, especially since rebranding in recent years. 

In 2019, newly elected President and Vice President, Akanksha “Ash” Chaudhari and Reece Fisher, opened the “Undergraduate Women’s Network” to students of all majors from all colleges at UIC. They also rebranded the organization and introduced the new UWN logo that incorporates and includes men in the organization’s mission towards workplace equality. Additionally, UWN asks for all genders to advocate for women’s empowerment in the cut-throat workspaces of today. The organization aims to become a hub for all things that pre-professional students need in order to become inspired, encouraged, and confident in pursuing their professional careers. In essence, UWN exists to bridge the gap and build students into their best professional selves. 

Ash recalls, “The energy even small groups of women were bringing to the general meetings or coffee hours was so empowering and infectious.” UWN has always harbored feelings of looking past the horizon, breaking the glass ceiling, reaching one’s true potential in any way - and doing so while empowering others on the way. This mission applies to so many college students and the organization hopes that their recent name change, that invites all graduate students to join the org, will further grow the UWN community stronger. Many graduate students are already noticing UWN this semester and mentioned that they are excited to get involved with the organization and its purpose. The UWN leader’s tireless work and dedication to the organization and its outreach have been the root cause behind its success and accomplishments.

Stay tuned for more virtual events & engagement opportunities this semester from UWN. Don't miss out on UWN’s 7th Annual Women in Business Conference this year and find out more information @uwn_uic on Instagram.